Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Manhattan's Own!

Thanks to Dr. Dooowm for his way out diet - remember, gang, if you practice cooking for an hour a day and put a lot of thought and energy into your food choices, in five or so years, you will still not be as good as he is at eating, but you'll be a lot better, and it will be pretty awesome, and in the meanwhile, if you're ever in the middle of the desert, make him cook you dinner, it will be awesome.

We welcome this week (we're playing fast and loose with the concept of week from now on) another Manhattan local celebrity, beloved raconteur Murbles. The dapper diner will be dishing up reports of what he eats, and, if we can coax him into it, a little drink or two. Will I be able to ply him with viognier by week's end? Stay tuned to find out that the answer is yes!

We are also rolling out a slightly augmented FQ, so regard the answers hungrily and the questions critically. The questions, like a good sauce recipe, are being slowly refined with time and testing, and your question-related taste buds are needed to keep it perfect.

Bon appetit! Mangia, mangia!


Coffee from Black Dog

Crab and avocado quesadilla
Chips 'n salsa
Fiesta Salad
several Le Petit Escolier cookies
3 Coronas with lime

Gentlemen's Art Tour:
1/2 bottle of viognier, forget what kind but from Santa Ynez.
The viognier craze has hit LA!

Penne with Trader Joe's tomato basil sauce, plus a green pepper and a sausage.
2 glasses of chardonnay.

Guest Omnigust ("Omega"): 5/29-30

Monday 5/29
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe

Katz's Delicatessen
- Katz's pastrami on rye with mustard, Katz's pickles (**** Whoo boy! This was one of the last things I still wanted to do in New York that I hadn't already done, and Memorial Day seemed like the right time to do it. The pastrami was very thick, savory, and delicious -- like marinated corned beef infused with bacon. The sandwich is piled high, though not high enough to keep me from easily eating it all in one sitting. The mustard is critical, its vinegar cuts through the richness of the meat and keeps it from overwhelming the palate. The surprisingly mild pickles were a good digestive, and tasted pleasantly like cucumber, with just a bit of spice and heat. I don't know if the sandwich was worth the $15 price tag, but it was definitely satisfying and a necessary part of any meat eater's time in the city.)
- iced green tea with mint

- lemonade from Juicy Lucy

Dinner and after
- Composed Salad with avocado, boston lettuce, bulgur salad, tomatoes, mixed olives, and farmstead raw cheddar (**)
- remainder of the ice cream from the freezer: Humboldt strawberry and vanilla, and Ciao Bella fresh mint
- 3 frozen peach slices
- 3 slices farmhouse feta

Tuesday 5/30
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe

- leftover bulgur salad with hummus and fresh avocado
- Boylan's root beer
- 2 chocolate chip cookies that someone brought into the office

A delicious dinner
- rotini with fresh peas and zucchini, chili sauce, and parmesan (*** frangrit hit a home run with this one. The peas from the Greenmarket has perfect consistency and vegetal taste. The zucchini was shredded and oozed into the ridges of the rotini. The chili sauce (the red, garlicky asian "cock sauce") made the whole dish sing, and the parmesan gave it a nice salty bite. So good!)
- 1/2 bottle Patapon red Pineau d'aunis (now this is a nice wine! Slightly bubbly unfiltered Loire red, with a nose and taste a bit like Gamay (a little barny). It had a nice sweetness and lightness (not too fruity or tannic), but got deeper and more interesting as it aerated. Really delicious, about $15, and fun to drink.)

- premade Apple Brown Betty, given as a gift, provenance unknown
- 3 slices farmstead feta

That ends my week on Foodreporter. Blogging started out boring but got more interesting as the week progressed. Thank you for the opportunity. A bientot, friends! I leave New York on June 17, but may see some of you this summer, in Cambridge, before I leave the east coast for good at the end of July. May fortune smile on you all!

Saturday through Tuesday, ZK Style


Lunch @ Grendel's Den outside, w/ Mom, Dad, and Xtina
Grilled chicken sandwich w/ bbq sauce. OJ. Chips and salsa.

Some crostini and a peppermint patty at my house.

Dinner @ The Chatham Squire
Filet, cooked medium, w/ french fries. 1 bass.

Emack & Bolio's cookies n' cream ice cream w/ hot fudge.

2/3 bottle of Firestone Sauvignon Blanc on the beach. It was too fruity.

Some challah.


I went for a run and on the way two little girls tried to sell me lemonade. Here's how it went down:

Girl 1: Do you want some lemonade?
Me: (shrus while running) Nope.
Girl 2: Good, because you can't have any!
Girl 1: He's like, 'okay...'

On the way back, running home, I passed them again, this time there were four girls.

Girl 1: Do you want some kool-aid? It's free because you're a runner.
Me: No.
Girl 2: You look like you could use it!
Me: Is there whiskey in it?
Girl 1: No.
Me: Then no.

I don't know why I did that.

Melt-a-way from Bonatt's Bakery. If you are not familiar w/ a melt-a-way, it is like a big piece of sugared bread glazed in sugar.
Toasted challah, turkey, cheez-its, OJ.
White chocolate M&Ms.

@ Spiritus Pizza in Provincetown
1/2 Emack & Bolio's oreo frappe.
1/2 slice of cheese pizza.

1 Sam Adams Black Lager
Chips and salsa.
Chicken sandwich, and one chicken finger from Brax Landing in Harwichport.

Ice cream post "Crash" watching. I was very unsettled after watching Crash, so I needed more ice cream.


Pancakes and Panceckos. OJ.
Cheez-its. White chocolate M&Ms. Chocolate milk. Turkey.

1 Gala Apple

@ Home in Newton
Chips and salsa.
Grilled chicken.
Baby carrots.
White Rice.
2 chocolate chip cookies.

1 more 1/2 of a cookie.

On the train to New York.
1 brioche roll.
1 chocolate chip cookie.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/bacon and lettuce. OJ, cookie, oyster crackers, chocolate milk, hot chocolate.

1 gala apple.

Saltines, ice cream.
Chicken kabob sandwich (I don't think I want to go to this place anymore). OJ
Last cookie from home.

SC made me lunch 05/30

SC was kind enough to have the Hubbses over. We ate delicious leftovers from 6th Street Dining Club, which included
- chips & salsa
- 4 pieces crab & guac quesadilla
- guac & mango salsa
- Fiesta salad
- 3 fancy cookies
- 1 Corona w/lime

- sausage & spinach pastry square
Recipe from Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats. A very easy recipe -- sweet Italian sausage, thawed spinach, sage, onion, parmesan, baked in puff pastry sheets from the freezer section.
- oj

- 1 bowl Frosted Mini Wheats: Strawberry Delight w/skim
- oj

2006 May 30

Breakfast time

Iced coffee with milk and sugar

Lunch time

Poseidon - Tiropita - (Feta, ricotta, cream cheese, and "a hint of mint" in fyllo dough)
17oz Muscle Milk Mocha Joe
BLT with cheese
Most of 16oz baby carrots

Let's get a snack!

Four Hershey's Kisses
Iced coffee with milk and sugar

Dinner time

Crocodile Lounge
Cheese pizza

Boy, I'm hungry! Let's go get more dinner!

Thigh and leg
Cole slaw
Orange soda

What a good boy!

I wasn't going to do this, but the guilt was overwhelming. 5/19-5/26 ZK

This will sort of be an interesting review of Mattpod's week last week also.

FRIDAY, one and one half weeks ago.

Internless Lunch w/Mattpod
One bbq chicken drumstick, two pieces of beef, white roll w/olive oil, lettuce, broccoli, chocolate chip cookie, OJ, chocolate milk, and oyster crackers.

I believe I forgot my apple at work. I did this a bunch of days in a row.

Chicken kabob sandwich @ Oasis Falafel.

2 Heinekens and 1 Brooklyn Lager @ The Lucky Cat.

Party @ Sty-town.
Mattpod and I brought over a sweet assortment of different sized beers. I think I had 1 very tall Sapporo followed by a less tall crazy beer? Unclear.

1 bass @ Bua

Some Stellas, maybe a shot, maybe some Pabsts, some of a pitcher @ Blue and Gold

SATURDAY, one week and a half ago.

A few saltines.

Gatorade orange and some of Mattpod's Gatorade Rain.

Chardonnay, Chicken Parmesan, Asparagus, Penne by Mattpod. Some baguette, OJ, and chocolate milk.

3 Miller High Lifes, 2 Brooklyn Lagers, 1 Budweiser @ 30 Rockefeller Center
1 Bass @ The Cutting Room

SUNDAY, a week and a half ago.

Some saltines.

Toasted plain bagel w/ butter from David's Bagels. Bite-size milky way, really gross, from same.

Chocolate chip cookie from green bakery on 1st Ave.

Gatorade orange.

Two smoked turkey on white bread sandwiches from the bodega downstairs. Some Olberto's BBQ beef jerky, some saltines, some haagen dazs cookies 'n cream and cookie dough ice cream. For some reason I became very nervous I would get hungry later so I got two sandwiches.

MONDAY, one week and two days ago.

Smoked turkey, lettuce, pesto, and ketchup on toasted ciabatta bread. Maybe. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ. There were no oyster crackers this week.

I forgot my apple again.

Two slices of Gruppo cheese pizza. I can usually only eat one slice of pizza, but I ordered two because I was afraid of getting hungry again.

TUESDAY, one week and one day ago.

Grilled chicken sandwich, w/ bacon and lettuce. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ.

1 red delicious apple on the way home from work.

Chicken kabob sandwich.
Ice cream.

WEDNESDAY, one week ago today.

Grilled chicken, lettuce, broccoli, OJ, cookie, some candy.

On LIRR on way to Shea Stadium Mets vs. Phillies
1 16 oz bud light.
1/2 turkey and bacon sandwich from Alpine Gourmet Deli.

@ Shea Stadium Tailgate (Conrad, Josty-pie, and Me)
1 16 oz bud light.

@ Shea Stadium
2 bud lights
1 red hook


Smoked turkey, pesto, ketchup, lettuce on toasted ciabatta bread. OJ, chocolate chip cookie.

Gatorade orange.

3 slices of Luzzo's margherite pizza. This was great!

FRIDAY, 5/26

Cafeteria was closed.

I went to an allergist (who happened to have a huge rash all over his head) and I got tested for food allergies. I thought this was important for everyone to know: I don't have any food allergies. Also the allergist went to high school with Woody Allen, but he (the allergist) doesn't get paid for being so funny. He told me this twice.

Gourmet Food provider on 41st between 5th and 6th:
Smoked turkey on Portueguese roll. Very big chocolate chip cookie. Gala apple. OJ.

1 thin mint.

@ the Lampoon
Senior Dinner was corporate sponsored or something by Magic Hat maybe? Anyway, the only beers were Magic Hat beers and were served in the bizzy by different bartenders than the liquor bartenders. So...
10 Hocus Pocus beers. I felt like a moron every time I asked for a "Hocus Pocus."
Some shots of SoCo, etc.

I am Learning New Languages

Hungarian, spelled phonetically, by me, Mattpod:

"kirsanum" = thank you
"egon" = yes


"kebap" = kebab

I think most people would probably tell you that "egon" is actually "egan," but I prefer to think of a language where you have to say "egon" constantly throughout the day. This is what you talk about when you don't know Hungarian and she barely knows English:

Girl: So, when do you have exams?
Me: I am not in school right now, so I don't have exams.
Girl: Yes, but when do you have exams?
Me: Well, I am going back to school next year, so next year.
Girl: Yes, but when do you have exams?
Me: Are you asking when Americans take tests?
Girl: Yes.
Me: Most Americans take their tests in December and May.

Finally, instead of a thousand more croissants and pieces of bacon, I just ate a bowl of Chocos for breakast. According to the box, the main ingredient of Chocos is "crunchy chocolate flavoured wheat cereal."

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Greetings From the Corporate Lounge @ The Intercontinental

Hi Friends, me here, blogging live in Budapest!

Just a quick note and then I will get off and give this computer back to the guy who is currently dealing with a lawsuit (he is now on the phone dealing with some ants or something).

I just got back from the flat of some people I am told are related to me. Supposedly they are second or third or fourth or fifth cousins. I am guessing that a blood test would reveal no more genetic similarities between these people and me than between me and the general populace. Anyway, they served some homemade cake which was chocolate cake baked in pie dough. My brother and I ate this while some people spoke loudly at each other in Hungarian, a language for crazy people. Keep in mind that the room we were in had over a dozen rugs in it (some were on the walls).

Well, that's about it for now. In general, the Swiss and Austrians love their meat ground up and shoved in some intestines and they like their beef young and pink (veal-y). On the plane ride to Zurich I had chicken marsala, rice, carrots, green beans and a brownie all while watching "Last Holiday" -- a movie about Queen Latifah being a chef. Full synopsis to come. For now, a man with a sweater over his shoulders really wants to use this computer.

"Good bye" from Budapest (I don't know how to say this in Hungarian).


breakfast, compliments of Continental Airlines:
- Crispix with low-fat milk
- bites of apple-cinnamon muffin
- small banana

- 5 chicken taquitos
- 1 Morningstar Farms veggie corn dog, ketchup
- a handful of roasted almonds
- 1 can Diet Hansen's grapfruit soda

- 6" Subway BMT, Hubb-family style (lettuce, oil, black pepper)
- 1 can Campbell's chicken noodle o's

Marinade for Fish or Shark

Here is a marinade I stitched together from the internet and experiment that seemed to work well:
Take almost all of a Negro Modelo, a ping-pong ball sized amount of cilantro, a bunch of salt and pepper, about a 1/2 cup of chopped red onion, just a dab of minced garlic. Put these things in a ziplock bag. Squeeze a lime in there, and then toss in the lime remnants. Then throw in a pound of fish, zip it up, toss it about, and let it sit for a while and you will impress all.


TJ's vegetarian breakfast patty

Rice cake

Roasted garlic hummus
Diet Dr. Pepper

Glass of white wine

SC takes us on a phenomenal eating tour of the Southwest:
Fiesta salad
Crab and avocado quesadilla with salsa and homemade guacamole
2 shark tacos (An important element of this part of the meal was that we took a moment to thoughtfully consider man's dominance over shark.)
Some flan
2.5 fancy chocolates
Some chocolate covered espresso beans
Strawberry daquiri
Part of a mojito
Strawberry margarita
3-4 shots of ice wine

2006 May 29

I was very angry at food today for not being cold enough and rotting too quickly and so displayed little interest in food.

Golden cola champagne
Two marmite toasts

Kosher dill
Chicken chimichanga

(I had some more soda)

Toast (honey)
Toast (marmite)

In food's defense, I did heat the chimichanga in the oven rather than the 'crowave, and was glad for it. Glad for the comically long amount of time it took to get my pre-cooked food ready. Anyways, screw you, food! You better have made yourself cold by the time I get home, you bunch of bums!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Guest Omnigust 5/24-28

Wednesday 5/24
- 1 ultimate man multivitamin
- 1 SAMe
- 1 iced double espresso with milk
- yogurt with granola, strawberry, almond slices, and honey

- 1 slice cheese pizza (**)
- 1 slice mushroom pizza (**)
- 1 coke

Dinner and after
- 2 Czechvar beer
- 2 burritos with beans, cheese, salsa, and spinach, on whole wheat (**)
- 1 Trader Joe's frozen peach slice
- 1 grapefruit

Thursday 5/25
- coffee with milk

- leftover rice and beans
- banana, acai, and coconut milk smoothie from Pure Food & Wine

- 2 glasses Campole Alois Aglianico
Cheese Plate (***)
- parmigiano reggiano
- coach triple creme (soft goat cheese with consistency of butter, delicious)
- fagagna (like an italian manchego)
- three toppings: sour cherries, truffled honey, apricot with chili flakes
- bread

Dirty Bird to Go
- 5 pieces free-range chicken tenders with sweet/spicy/horseradishy honey sauce (**)

- 1 cup red wine ("light and fruity" -- bad)
- 1 Grolsch
- 1 orange Tootsie Pop

- 1 acai, passion fruit Odwalla
- 1 Tom Kite

Friday 5/26
- 1 iced double espresso with milk

- 1/2 corn muffin

After-Work and Dinner
- 4 rosemary sourdough slices with homemade tahini sauce and arugula
- 1 glass Cairnbrae 2005 Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)
- 2 Czechvar beer
- mustard greens sauteed with cumin, paprika and garlic (**)
- white beans sauteed with green olives and tarragon and feta cheese (**)
- more of the rosemary loaf

Saturday 5/27
- double iced espresso with soy milk

Brunch at Li'l Frankie's
- Green Eggs & Ham (poached egg, pesto, english muffin), arugula, rosemary fried potatoes (usually ***, but this time, only **)
- 1 bloody mary
- applewood smoked bacon

- Soy to the World smoothie at Liquiteria

- 3 slices rosemary bread and tahini

- salmon with butter and tarragon combined with...
- white beans and mustard greens (from the night before) (***)
- 2 glasses Cairnbrae 2005 Sauvignon Blanc
- Ciao Bella fresh mint gelato (awesome mint taste)
- Humboldt organic strawberry ice cream (pretty good, custardy taste)

Sunday 5/28
- iced double espresso with soy milk
- 3 farmer's market eggs (scrambled)

- homemade iced green tea with lime

Wave Hill
Wave hill is a beautiful garden and estate in Riverdale, The Bronx

- beef wrap with manchego and lettuce
- greek salad (feta, stuffed grape leaves, grape tomatoes)
- gazpacho
- homemade marshmallow dipped in caramel (this is a great snack)

- Lemonade

Back at home for dinner
- manchego slices with Wave Hill honey (the manchego had gotten a bit hard, unfortunately, but the honey was delicious)
- 3 glasses 2004 Le Viognier du Pesquie
- remainder of salmon salad with beans and arugula (***: even better than last night)

- 1 large Delerium Tremens bottle
- Peach/Strawberry crumble with homemade granola
- Humboldt organic vanilla ice cream
- 1 Trader Joe's turkey sausage stromboli
- 1 frozen peach slice


2 slices wheat toast

Farmers' Market:
4 pints Hefeweizen
White bean tomato dip from The Village (I should have written down the name. I think it's called something like Piraki but not quite that.)
A bite of peanut butter fudge

Club 331:
1 greyhound
1 glass white wine
1 Corona light
1 glass white wine
Baguette and roasted garlic hummus

I can't imagine I didn't eat some Animalitos at some point.

2006 May 28

Orange juice
Woongjin Morning Rice
Two slices Marmite toast
Home fries

Corn chips and guacamole
Bacon sandwich
Orange juice
Two vodkas and soda

Cloister Cafe - Gin & tonic

Corn chips and guacamole
Artichoke tortelloni with parmesan and garlic, oil, pepper and basil sauce
Orange juice

Hanger - Four Pabst Blue Ribbon

Zum Schneider - Jever with "lemonade"

Little Branch
Gin and tonic
Campari and soda

I found comfort seeing another patron at Hanger share my frustrations that his companions declined to dance to the Violent Femmes' "Add It Up." I also discovered the awful secret truth behind Zum Schneider's radleren and russen (?) - for lemonade, they use Sierra Mist. With no disrespect to FoodFriend Murbles's fondness for this soda, I cannot in good conscience call it lemonade. Please advise Lorelei to be grateful for my increased patronage in the future. Still, this is only a small hurt that Zum Schneider has done me, and I do not believe that it should be closed in punishment. My refrigerator has indeed stopped working again. I do not think that I can reasonably shut my fridge down every two weeks to defrost it. So I guess to elaborate on my kitchen wish list mentioned recently, I would like a refrigerator. Maybe even more than I would like a wooden cutting board.

Cleveland, OH, 05/26 - 05/28

breakfast, Cinnabon, LAX:
- 2/3 of a Cinnabon bun
Never again.

lunch, compliments of Continental Airlines:
- 1 beef and swiss sub
- 1 wilty salad
- Diet Coke

dinner, Elyria, OH:
traditional vegetarian Gujarati feast
Items were unlabeled. Piecing together from memory:
- Basmati rice
- curry with chickpeas
- assorted spicy chips
- bread like naan, but called something else that started with a "p"
- pickled mangoes (looked and sort of smelled like kimchee, but tasted very different and had a spiciness unlike any I've tasted before; not crazy hot for me, but very interesting.)
- 3 different baklava type desserts
- other things (sorry, FRs, but I didn't have the means to take notes)

later at the hotel:
- a bite of grilled cheese & some fries w/ketchup

lunch, at hotel cafe:
- grilled portobello sandwich
- french fries w/ketchup

Another vegetarian Gujarati feast. This time I took a picture of my plate.

- the round thing was a dessert that tasted like a donut hole that had been soaked in sugar water and honey
- curried black beans with lentils
- palak paneer, I think (spinach curry w/cheese)
- basmati rice
- aloo gobi, I think
- yogurt sauce
- pickled mangoes
- bread like naan, but not naan
- several glasses Chardonnay
- coffee w/cream and sugar
- pistachio ice cream

- bites of grilled cheese & some fries

- coffee
- oj

- naan
- Basmati rice
- aloo gobi
- shredded gingered carrots
- other things

1st dinner:
- 6 pieces Chicken McNuggets
- french fries
- can of ginger ale

- mini vegetable spring roll
- spinach and cheese canape
- 2 mini pastry puffs stuffed with mushrooms and walnut
- 2 glasses Chardonnay

- mixed greens salad with strawberries and lemongrass dressing
- 1 roll with butter
- basmati rice
- palak paneer
- curried black beans and lentils?
- aloo gobi
- Chinese-style stir fried vegetables
- slice of roasted chicken breast
- other things?
- several glasses Chardonnay
- 1 chocolate cupcake


SK's Donuts:
2 chocolate frosted donuts
The charming girl who works there was absent. Also, the coffee did not taste minty as it usually does. This place is the exact perfect distance to walk for donuts.

Farmer's Market:
1/3 Hefeweizen pitcher
Some pita and tomato-based Mediterranean dip
(Strach, specifics?)

Club 331:
2 Greyhounds

Sopranos - Cheebo delivery:
Garlic bread
Red wine

Sunday, May 28, 2006



1 Greyhound

Country Boy - 3 wings and a waffle
1 biscuit with gravy

2 glasses Pacific Rim riesling

Village Pizza:
2 slices pepperoni pizza
2 glasses chardonnay
1 Red Stripe

5 small glasses, yogurt soju


Egg whites on wheat toast

Diet Dr. Pepper

Leftover tofu shirataki with tomato sauce and peas

Farmers' Market:
Zucchini ikra from Moishe's
2 glasses pinot grigio

1 glass white wine

I dreamed I was at a cocktail party:
Thinly sliced fish topped with cheese and a slice of avocado on a cracker
Bread dipped in guacamole
Apple slice dipped in peanut sauce*

*This food was all prepared by my 3rd grade best friend, a Mormon girl named Bridget.

2006 May 27

Vanilla Silk
Oatmeal with honey
Orange juice
Two slices of toast with marmite

Nachos with refried black beans, jalapeños, cheddar and jack cheese, diced tomatoes, and black olives.
Grapefruit soda
Golden cola champagne
Edy's peach bar

Some honeydew
Vodka and soda

Vodka and grapefruit soda
Two slices of toast with marmite
Corn chips and guacamole
Kosher dill pickle
Two dark chocolates
Two vodkas and grapefruit soda

My refrigerator appears to have broken again last night after have been filled, by me, with many groceries, all of which cost me money. Please await the results of my investigation into whether it has resumed normal function over night, which may or may not be nothing but swears.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Trader Joe's vegetarian breakfast patty
Coffee from CB&TL, black

Rice cake

Leftover tilapia en papillote
Diet Dr. Pepper

Tofu shirataki* with homemade tomato sauce and peas
4 glasses white wine

At SC's:
1 greyhound
A taste of peanut sauce
Some cookies
A peanut butter cup

*Tofu shirataki was a Whole Foods impulse buy. It is tofu and yam flour made into noodles. This time I got the fettuccini shape; Next time I think I will try the Asian noodles shape.

2006 May 26

McDonald's #9 - Bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle with a hash brown and coffee

A slice of plain old awful pepperoni pizza
Small Diet Mountain Dew

Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink
Carr's rosemary crackers with port wine cheddar cheese spread

X3 - Medium Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch

Two slices Marmite toast
Edy's peach bar

I felt that enough time had passed since the launch of the McGriddle that I could judge one free of the mess of confused emotion stirred up by the release of and initial response to a new food. It was pretty crappy. A grumpy feeling inside my stomach meant I did not have to sweat the quality of the day's food too much.

Farewell and a Taste of Things to Come

Well foodfriends, we may not be speaking for a little while as I take some time away from New York City. I will be traveling to Zurich, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin over the next week and half. I will try to make some reports from abroad, and I will make sure to keep notes and fill everyone in on all things gustatory when possible. I will also try to find some time to post notes about the tasting menu I had last night to celebrate my brother's 21st. Until then, take care and eat well.


Kraft Easy Mac
Orange Juice

Evolution Defense Up juice

Some chips and salsa

5 Greyhounds
Sweet and Sour chicken from Sunset Thai


Egg whites and wheat toast
Grapefruit juice

Diet Coke

Cooking with CB, test bites of:
Refried beans with cilantro and cumin
Mexican rice
Banana bread
We also made chicken enchiladas for the grown ups and chicken tacos for CB Jrs. CB cooked the corn tortillas in oil for the tacos. I guess my mom did not make this up.

Farmers' Market:
2 glasses pinot grigio

Tilapia en papillote with herbs and tomatoes
Hummus and chips
3 glasses white wine


I know they can be tough to follow, but do let's try and look alive on the comments. Many FRs consider that their favorite element.

Friday, May 26, 2006


yesterday I ate decently

Bellagio Buffet
2 sausages
lots of pineapple
lots of watermelon
some bacon
some O'Brien potatoes
some of a blueberry muffin

Club soda with lemon

Monsieur Marcel's, Farmers Market
5 glasses of Veuvray white
Croque Monsieur with fries
some bites of cheese

She-hubbs, I found the Bellagio breakfast buffet a little lacking - I think the key is to go to a buffet in between breakfast and lunch, so you get more things. But there were no huge ticket items where I felt I could earn my money back. L got an omelette, so that helped I suppose.

2006 May 25

Woongjin Morning Rice

Cheese croissant
Iced coffee with milk and sugar
Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappuccino with Whey Protein

Arizona Crazy Cocktail
Subway - BMT
Four Hershey's Kisses

Amy's - Focaccia with goat cheese, eggplant, and tapenade

7 Eleven - 3.5 oz "Big Gulp" brand generic milk chocolate bar

Three okay white wines
One pretty bad red
Most of 16oz Grolsch - (I was drinking this on the walk home and realized that I was walking up to a police station so I ditched it)

Four viognier spritzers
16oz PBR
Smirnoff Ice
Maybe another Smirnoff Ice?
Possibly another beer or two?
I don't really know.
This was the point in the evening where I shed my daytime masque of civility and propriety and turn into a beast, a hilarious gamboling beast shouting and drinking.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

back 2 back postings! 05/25

- penne with spinach sauce with extra parmesan and shredded prosciutto

- low-fat Wheat Thins

dinner, Koreatown Galleria foodcourt:
- mandu guk (dumpling soup)
- kimchee
- barley rice
- bean sprouts
- some bites of He's fried rice

- 1 organic baby fuji apple
2 glasses Cabernet/Shiraz blend


lunch, Chan Dara, Larchmont:
spicy stir-fry luncheon
- ginger & black mushrooms with chicken
- brown rice
- some of KCE's fried rice
- a crispy Thai eggroll
- Thai iced coffee
We went to Chan Dara, home of the famously hot waitresses, after Koh failed to convince us to go to Clifton's, a forest-themed cafeteria near the Staples Ctr. He claimed SC knew about this place. SC, thoughts?

- 1 bowl Frosted Mini Wheats: Strawberry Delight w/skim

- 1/2 Maiale brasato from La Bottega (leftover)
1 can Diet Hansen's Strawberry-Kiwi soda

- low-fat Wheat Thins with 1 oz. goat cheese
- handfuls of roasted almonds

2006 May 24

Orange juice

Subway - Turkey Breast (herbs & cheese, chipotle southwest, American)
Mountain Dew Slurpee (with funny kung-fu "frawg" straw)
Black Pepper Jack Doritos
Four Hershey's Kisses

Iced coffee with milk and sugar syrup
Rosemary roll

Pane Peppe
Verona - fried eggplant, mozzarella, and roasted peppers on seeded submarine roll
Salt bagel with cream cheese, toasted
330 mL San Pellegrino Limonata

Orange juice


1 glass grapefruit juice*
Hummus and French bread

1 Strachiccino (This is the adorable name I have given the homemade Frappuccino I made on this day.)

Diet Dr. Pepper

1 bowl oatmeal with cinnamon

Farmers' Market:
French bread from Bread Basket (Not as good as Monsieur Marcel)
2 glasses pinot grigio

French bread and pita with hummus
3 glasses white wine

*This was the titty-tini grapefruit juice SC left over at our place. The brand is Evolution Organic and it is the best grapefruit juice I have ever had. It tastes exactly like a grapefruit. Where did you get it SC? Whole Foods? TJ's?


Apple crisp instant oatmeal

Key lime yogurt
Baby carrots
Chocolate snack pack

Shea Stadium
2 beers
1 PREMO Italian sausage w peppers/onions
Some popcorn

May the Twenty-Fourth was a Wednesday

3 cups coffee

1 PB&J
1 royal gala apple

2 handfuls of roasted, salted almonds
1 99 cent bag of Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar potato chips
1 Wolaver's IPA

leftover farfalle from 23 V
1 Wolaver's IPA

a too milky coffee frappe from Jitters

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guest Omnigust: 5/22-23

Monday, May 22
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
  • 1 SAMe capsule
  • 1 cup coffee with skim milk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • 1 cup brown rice with 1 comically miniscule lump of twice-fried tofu (*)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Cold penne with peas, onions, and parmesan cheese (penne di nonna). A leftover from dinner the night before in LI, in celebration of frangrit's brother's new Associate's Degree. (1/2*)
  • Baked whole wheat tortilla (or soft taco) with oil, garlic, fresh LI arugula, cherry tomato, parmesan. Sort of like a warm salad on a semi-crispy tortilla. We didn't know how to eat it, so I folded it like a taco and that seemed to work well. (**)
  • 1 Czechvar beer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • 1 handful frangrit's Homemade Granola®
  • 1 slice Trader Joe's Xtra Xtra Sharp New York Cheddar

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Miscellaneous Food
  • 1 cherry tomato
  • 8 glasses water

Tuesday, May 23
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • 1 Ultimate Man multivitamin
  • 2 SAMe capsules
  • 1 cup coffee with skim milk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lunch was at Cafe Medina, in Union Square, which has the some of the best soup in the city. Truly fantastic. They usually have about 8 different soups each day, in varying degrees of great. The soups are particularly well seasoned—exceptionally rich and flavorful.
  • 1/2 medium Curry Zucchini soup (***)
  • 1/2 medium Traditional Minestrone soup (**)
  • 1 1/2 cubes rosemary foccacia (**)
  • 1 bite brownie from Spoon (**)
  • A couple sips Spoon coffee with milk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Post-Work Snack
  • 1 handful dried cranberries
  • 1 glass "Tom Kite" (1/2 water and 1/2 iced tea)
  • 1 Czechvar beer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Buckwheat groats with chard, fresh garlic, walnuts, olives, and Boca Italian Sausage (**)
  • 1 Czechvar beer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Popcorn
  • Peach, strawberry, cinnamon smoothie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Miscellaneous Food
  • 8 glasses water

Note: Dishes are rated from zero to four stars.

6th Street Dining Club and Magnificence Consortium

An excellent meeting of the SSDC&MC took place this past monday. Much club business was taken care of and it was reported that club financials continue to be strong despite the recent market downturn. In attendeance were foodfriends Strach, SC, myself and food associate L.

The theme of the meal was "Many Things I Have Recently Eaten and One Thing That It's Been A While Since I Ate." The menu was as follows:

*Queen Victoria's Titty-tini (courtesy of SC)

*Raw oysters with following choice of fixin's - cucumber mignonette sauce, cocktail cause, jalapeno tabaso sauce, tobasco sauce, prepared horseradish.
*2005 Honey Moon Viognier to drink

*Mussels Saganaki (mussels simmered with tomatoes and feta)
*Lamb Gyros
*Grilled zuchinni
*Pita bread
*2001 Renato Ratti Marcenasco to drink

*Strawberries and mascarpone
*2000 San Michele A Torri Vinsanto to drink
*Hazelnut coffee with a dash of some mint liquor leftover from the Conrad days of 331.

*2002 Carmenet Chardonnay (courtesy of Strach's wine cellar)

Over the course of the night, four bottles of wine and one bottle of gin were consumed by the four diners present. My own tasting flight continued after all others retired for the evening when at ~4am I had a slice of Damiano's cheese pizza followed immediately by the #11 meal at Carl's Jr. (bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a large soda). I believe it was my first trip ever to a Carl's Jr. Not bad.

I have no time to waste on moderation.


Kashi cereal with milk

Pad thai
(CB and I didn't cook today, but we did reheat her leftover pad thai)

Diet Dr. Pepper

Some animalitos

Farmers' Market:
2 glasses pinot grigio
Some French bread from Monsieur Marcel

More of the French bread
Roasted garlic hummus from Whole Foods (great)
Red lentil hummus from same (not great)
Leftover curried lentils and mussels saganaki
2 glasses chardonnay

At Boardner's:
2 glasses white wine

Then while everyone hung out in the bar I went to take a nap in DC's car.


lunch, La Bottega, Larchmont:
- bread topped with chopped tomatoes and basil
- 1/2 Maiale brasato sandwich
Niman Ranch organic shredded pork, stewed with diced carrots, among other things, with caramelized onions and provolone cheese. Awesome.
- pickled cucumbers

- leftover penne with spinach sauce
- smoked almonds
1 diet Hansen's grapefruit soda

2nd dinner, Houston's, Santa Monica:
2 glasses Pinot Grigio
- 1 California roll piece (appetizer)
- chips with spinach dip
- veggie burger w/tomatoes, pickles, lettuce. Fries w/ketchup.
Houston's serves an excellent veggie burger, as well as the #6 meat burger in the country, according to GQ or some magazine poll.
- bites of key lime pie and apple cobbler

Guest log 5/23

Lunch: at Baja Fresh
1/2 Burrito Mexicano (with pinto beans, mild salsa, and cheese)
chips, pico de gallo, guacamole
Diet Pepsi

Snack: Large plastic bag of chopped, chilled fresh things (watermelon, cucumber, jicama) sprinkled with chili powder, salt, and lime juice -- bought from a roadside vendor in Echo Park
I can't convey to you quite how awesome this was. The jicama was whatever, the cucumber was great, but the sweet, juicy watermelon -- combined with the saltiness and the strong-but-not-overwhelmingly-spicy chili powder -- was a brand new taste sensation that I just cannot get over.

Cocktail hour: at Lowenbrau Keller
2 mugs of Spaten (combo of dark and light)

*Dinner: at Mexico City
chips with red salsa and green salsa
chicken enchiladas with verde sauce
beans and rice

Later: at Boardner's
2 Bud Lights

* this meal was coupled with a Giovanni Ribisi sighting.

That's it for me. Thanks for having me, guys!

What I Ate 5/23/06

Granola with Soy Milk

Turkey Sandwich
Diet Coke
Mocha Cake

Turkey burger
Green Tea

2006 May 23

Orange juice
Two Marmite toast

Iced coffee with milk and sugar
Diet Coke - Most of the other writers had left the room and left this bottle of Diet Coke behind for me to steal. I don't even like Diet Coke! Sorry, friend.

Smiler - BLT with cheese on toasted wheat with mayo
Arizona Performance Extreme Energy Shot
Bag of baby carrots
Ponzo - Mocha cake
Hershey's Kiss
Bite of Ponzo fruit tart
20oz Arizona black tea with ginseng and honey

Popeye's - Breast, thigh, biscuit, cole slaw, cherry coke

16oz PBR
BLT with cheese on toasted wheat with mayo - watercress for lettuce - yes after I ate a BLT with cheese for lunch I padded out an already full dinner with a BLT with cheese

Bowery Bar - Two gins and tonic
Fish - Tanqueray and tonic
Typhoon - a generous half of a 10oz bottle of Suichi sake
Heathers - Pint of Stella Artois
Home - Three Pabst Blue Ribbon

Whoa Tuesday

Nothing solid, just 2.5 cups of coffee

royal gala apple

2 Wolaver's IPA
Farfalle with zucchini, creme fraiche, and parmesean. I recommend this dish to all FoodFriends. Here is an outline of the recipe:

~sweat 3 minced cloves of garlic in olive oil over low-to-medium heat, until you can smell it cooking
~add 3 pretty finely sliced zucchini. It's a lot of work to finely slice 3 zucchinis, but it pays off in spades
~stir about, reduce heat a bit, cover
~come back and stir every few minutes so nothing burns
cook until the zucchini is basically very mushy, and the "rinds" have lost their integrity
~add 1/2 cup creme fraiche and 1/2-3/4 cup of grated parmesean cheese; stir until well commingled
~dump the whole over freshly cooked pasta, mix

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1000 Words on the Topic of My Kitchen


Kashi cereal with milk

Rice cake

Egg white and soy bacon sandwich, foreman-ed
Carrot sticks
Diet Dr. Pepper

1 glass white wine

v.Danger made dinner:
Oysters in the half shell (I ate one with v.Danger's special dressing, one with cocktail sauce, one with cocktail sauce and tabasco)
Grilled zucchini
Mussels saganaki (top notch food, this)
Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce
Animalitos (knock-off animal crackers. Totally unnecessary addition to the gourmet feast I had just eaten.)
Most of a Queen Victoria's Tittytini
2 glasses viognier (you were all right)
1 glass red wine
Some coffee with thin mint liqueur
2 glasses dessert wine
2 glasses white wine
Most of a martini

This is where the night ended for me. But I think it would be to everyone's benefit if former food correspondent v.Danger reported his eating from 5/22/06.

Hello There: Danooowms!

Hi! For the next week you can read about what I eat, right here on the blog. Let's start with some answers.

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?
I can't remember the last time I did this, but it was probably either a Twix or a Snickers. Most likely over a year ago.

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?
I used to eat dried dog food as a child. The taste, I admit not to minding, but the imagined content of dried dog food is terrible to contemplate as an adult. Stonewall's "Jerquee" tastes very much like the dog food I remember from my youth, and I eat it about one package every couple months.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Boston, Cambridge, New York, LA.
Boston: unknown. Cambridge/Somerville: Dali. New York/Brooklyn: Franny's. LA: unknown

What is a recent food impulse buy which you regretted? Which you were delighted by?
Regretted: Coca Cola Blak, though the guy at the counter said it was "awesome," so try it.

Delighted: Some wine I can't remember that tasted like olives and smelled like barny hay.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?
I cannot remember things when I am drunk. Probably macaroni and cheese with sausage, onions, and curry powder.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?
Jack or MMW

What are the shows you watch the most on Food Network? What are your thoughts on: Rachael Rae, Alton Brown, Nigella Lawson?
Iron Chef, though I also like Tyler's Ultimate. The shows about sugar sculptures make me angry and Sugar Rush is particularly disappointing. I've started watching Ham on the Street. Don't know Nigella. Rachel Ray has a very grating way of speaking and seems, sexually, like "one of the guys". Alton Brown is probably a jerk.

If I told you that you could only eat one of the following for the rest of your life, but you could always get whatever you chose as fresh and as good as possible, which would you choose? Also, assume that whichever you chose would be seedless: (1) Oranges (2) Clementines (3) Tangerines

Also, do you prefer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?
Plastic wrap for sealed storage and dough-making, foil for cooking.

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner. Where will you go, what will you have?
Alinea in Chicago or Fat Duck in England. Or Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm (for anyone reading The Omnivore's Dilemma).

Do you have any well-loved or detested cookbooks?
Cook's Illustrated's The Best Recipe is my main cookbook, with Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone a close second. Paula Wolfert's Mediterranean Cooking is superb and has the definitive pesto recipe. Brillat-Savarin's The Physiology of Taste, while not exactly a cookbook, is essential reading. Special mention to Dali's Les Diners de Gala and Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook.

What is your relationship to caffeine?
Coffee in the morning from the french press or the bialetti. Beans from Mud in NYC or Stumptown Roasters in Portland.

I have a food replicator from Star Trek Next Generation, what do you order and how do you order it?
Venison, very rare.

Are there any foods that would receive an f- grade from you?
Soy blue cheese.

In my family we often took to calling Ramen Noodles "Trash Noodles." Do you have any cute food nicknames?
My father made both "Mexican Pizza" (a baked tortilla with cheese and salsa) and "Bachelor's Stew" (some kind of goulash with green beans, ground beef, and cheese). We also call the green part of the lobster the "Tamale", but I think this is a more common expression.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?
SC "Jerquee"

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?
Ice Cream.

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?
Dog food.

Fun Food Fact No. 71

Lord Byron believed that a woman should never be seen eating unless she's eating lobster and champagne.

In Step With: Strach

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?
Too long ago to remember. I am currently working my way through a king-sized Hershey's Special Dark, and I've eaten boxes of Good & Plenty and bags of M&Ms, but that's not the same thing.

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?
My favorite food was and probably still is tacos. When I was little and my mom would make them she would cook the ground beef and then cook the corn tortilla in the beef fat. I thought this was totally normal. It was unbelievably delicious, but I would never eat it now.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Portland, Cambridge, New York, LA.
Portland: This place Montage that's under a bridge and all the waiters wear funny white chef-like jackets and if anyone orders oysters they yell "OYSTERS!"
Cambridge: I'd like to think I would go to Darwin's, but I'd probably end up going to Felipe's.
New York: This is hard; I ate at a ton of good restaurants in NYC. I would probably choose Miracle Grill which is high-end Mexican. It seems weird to go to NYC for Mexican, but this food was great.
LA: For a variety of reasons I have not really explored the LA restaurant scene. I have yet to have a great restaurant meal here. So...Baja Fresh?

What is a recent food impulse buy which you regretted? Which you were delighted by?
Regretted: Granola bars from the 99cents store. They were gross and greasy. This is one of the few times I have been let down by the 99cents store.
Delighted: Ralph's brand animal crackers.
To be perfectly frank, though, most of the food I buy is on impulse.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?
Not a meal, but I did my St. Patrick's Day baking totally drunk. The upside was that it meant my soda bread was very energetically kneaded and delicious. The downside was that it meant I thought it would be a good idea to triple the amount of Scotch in the icing of my stout cake.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?
MMW for food. But I would have Jack design my alcohol diet for the week. Beyond quantity, I am impressed with the variety of alcohols Jack drinks. I feel like my own drinking lately has gotten pretty one-note.

What are the shows you watch the most on Food Network? What are your thoughts on: Rachael Rae, Alton Brown, Nigella Lawson?
I don't watch the FN much, so instead I'm going to talk about the food blogs I read every day. Slashfood is a great general blog for both news and recipes. Vegan Lunch Box, which I've mentioned before, is a blog I love. Bakingsheet probably has highest incidence of recipes I would actually consider making. Simply Recipes is good, too. Accidental Hedonist has news and recipes and I like the author's tone. I think Fresh Approach Cooking might be moving up my list of faves. The Spirit World is where I go for booze news; it's only so-so; I'm sure there are better blogs out there. The LA-specific food blogs I read ( la.foodblogging, Rate a Restaurant, and Eating L.A.) have not proved that helpful. Is My Blog Burning? is a blog about food blogging; I like to know what the insiders are talking about. There are a few others in my bloglines, but these are the ones I have a sense of.

What food staple would it be most difficult for you remove from your diet?
I would be angriest to lose lentils, which I consider the perfect food. Although, I have tried a few times to quit saltines, and found that to be an exercise in futility.

Also, do you prefer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?
I use plastic wrap more, but obviously I like aluminum foil better.

Name a fruit, meat, soda, and candy you despise.
Fruit: I will eat any fruit.
Meat: Despite what you might assume, meat doesn't gross me out. Although, once CB and I tried to cook pho, which involves boiling beef bones for several hours. You have skim grey-brown foam from the top of the pot, and the meat particles start falling off. This grossed me out pretty bad.
Soda: I don't like vanilla flavored sodas.
Candy: I won't eat chewy chocolate (Charleston Chews, Tootsie rolls)

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner. Where will you go, what will you have?
I would go to India and eat whatever was cooking.

Do you have any well-loved or detested cookbooks?
I get most recipes from the internet. I have a basic vegetarian cookbook that I use. In NYC I had subscriptions to Vegetarian Times and Everyday Food, which I liked, and I cut recipes out to create my own make-shift cookbook. I have to say that while Bittman might be boring, his How to Cook Everything is a great utility cookbook.

Name a food that evokes a strong memory of a particular time and place in your life.
There was a period of time sophomore year of high school when I was playing a lot of Mario 2 and eating a lot of red licorice (I was really awesome in high school.).

What is your relationship to caffeine?
I didn't really get into it until college, but I think it's amazing. I think modern American industrial and financial and intellectual success is built on it.

What is the best burger you've ever had?
I really liked Better Burger's veggie burger with sauteed mushrooms.

Describe a work of art that inspired or affected your eating.
In one of the Nine Stories (Uncle Wiggly?) people are eating cucumber sandwiches and it made me wish I liked cucumber sandwiches. F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories make me wish I drank high balls all the time.

In my family we often took to calling Ramen Noodles "Trash Noodles." Do you have any cute food nicknames?
My grandma used to make me and my cousins a thing called a dog house. She would scramble an egg and that was the dog, and over it she would stack srips of heavily buttered toast (the brand of toast was Russian Village and it was sort of like English muffin toast, really absorbed the butter), and that was the dog house. It was my favorite thing. Another thing she makes for the little ones is sliced up hot dogs sauteed in butter and she calls them weenie pennies. She is a pretty spectacular lady.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?
MMW. He is like the beautifully reared Kobe beef cows, or whichever ones they feed gourmet food and beer and massage so that the meat is perfect.

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?
I have a soft spot in my heart for foods like Root Beer and Graham crackers and other offspring of American Temperance. I would like to know more about what crazy foods crazy religious people created that they thought would counteract feelings of lust and cultivate moral character.

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?
I am pretty embarrassed about the quantity of saltines I eat. Recently I was up to two boxes a week (that's eight columns). Sometimes I try to go for awhile without buying them, but I'm only human. I'll stop buying them when perfection stops existing.

What was your favorite meal in the Harvard dining halls? How much would you pay to eat this meal tonight?
I loved taco/nacho bar days. I would pay 5 bucks to have access to a nacho bar.

Sunday and Monday

I broke the fast Sunday morning with SC, at Pamela's, this time the Oakland location. It's pretty different: colorfully painted walls, and, where SC and I sat, the wall was decorated with LP covers from the 70s. Awesome! SC, unbeknownst to him, sat beneath the Who's Tommy.
I had a corned beef and swiss omelette with homefries and rye toast, plus maybe like 3 cups of coffee.

Midafternoon snack:
1 square of dark chocolate
1 slice of strawberry rhubarb pie
1 Wolaver's IPA

Cocktails, at my parents' house:
7-10 crackers with brandy blue cheese dip. If anyone is hosting a party, I can get this recipe for you from my's the bee's knees.
2 Appleton Estate rums, on the rocks, with lime

Cowboy Chicken
some Trimbach pinot gris

chocolate brownie and coffee ice cream

breakfast was cereal and some coffee

lunch was leftover cowboy chicken and 1 Anchor Steam beer

dinner was a hamburger with potato salad and baked beans; the hamburger had onion, tomato, mustard, and ketchup on it

dessert was more brownie and more coffee ice cream

I should have thought inside the bun 05/22

lunch, Taco Bell:
Number 2
- Chicken Fiesta Burrito
- nachos w/cheese
- large Mt. Dew
This burrito was particularly poorly made - too beany, too saucy, not ricey enough. Why I ever order anything besides 3 crunchy tacos and why I ever eat in the TB dining room with a bunch of homeless dudes and not in front of my TV is mystifying.

- penne with spinach sauce

- 1 mango
- Wheat Thins with goat cheese
- 2 glasses Pinot Grigio
- smoked almonds
- pretzels

Guest log 5/22: the most typical food day for me

Lunch: at "Ace's"
1 crispy chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo
curly fries with "horsey sauce"
unsweetened iced tea

Dinner: angel hair pasta with butter and parmesan/romano
1 glass Black Swan shiraz
a few red seedless grapes

Later: at the Roost
1 whiskey and soda
lots of very salty popcorn


Oxford Cafe
2 slice cheese pizza + diet coke lunch deal
1 sesame pretzel from coworker

Omelette w/ tomato, scallion, mozzarella -- I learned that Associated Supermarket does not carry fresh terragon which, for whatever reason, I really wanted in my omelette last night. It was still fine. Also, I consulted and omelette can also be omelet. I went with the feminine I guess.
Chocolate chip cookie

A Full Table

When you love food as much as we do (a lot), you start to take a pretty "hakuna matata" approach to trifles like scheduling. Because of one of our hilarious scheduling snafus (or should I say "sna-foods"?), we have the pleasure of overlapping guests at our table. From the great metropolis of New York, Mr. danooowms joins us. We look forward to his delightful food diarism and the pleasant feelings of jealousy his standard of eating will raise in us. Hooray!

2006 May 22

Woongjin Morning Rice
Orange Juice
Two slices of Marmite toast

Sobe Elixir
Grand Sichuan - Chicken with black bean sauce, veggie fried rice, and hot and sour soup
Five Hershey's Kisses

16oz Orangina
Five more Hershey's Kisses

Orange Juice
Pork gyoza with soy sauce

Jason brought me some delicious Chili cheese fries from Ray's
Two slices of Marmite toast
Mug of Horlicks

Why no drinky, Jack? A: I fell asleep watching SpongeBob on my couch.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Trader Joe's breakfast patty
Coffee, black

Rice cake

Leftover Ethiopian
Diet Dr. Pepper

A bowl of Kashi with milk

Egg white sandwich with spinach and feta on wheat, foremaned

3-4 glasses white wine
Leftover lentils as a dip on Trader Joe's whole wheat tortilla chips

Guest Reporter: Jane Goodall

Breakfast: Half a slice of whole wheat toast with Seville orange marmalade or marmite and a cup of coffee (shade grown and organic and fair trade, when possible)

Lunch: Broccoli or sprouts or some other vegetable, a small boiled potato--or half a jacket potato with cheese. Just occasionally this is varied by a homemade and very cheese-y macaroni and cheese or quiche. Then another cup of coffee and a couple squares of chocolate or something sweet.

Supper: Scrambled egg on the other half of my breakfast toast and a glass of red wine.

Source, linked by douthat

Pittsburgh, cont.

Bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes
Coffee with lots of cream and sugar

1 Wolaver
Bite of Schrafen Berger chocolate

1 Li'l Debbie Nutty Bar
Some sips of Vault (do not drink this)

The W family:
2 large tumblers, Apleton rum with lime and sugar. A marvelous aid to conversation.
Cowboy chicken, ala Emeril.
White wine
Brownie with coffee ice cream
The Ws have a tremendously healthy and jovial attitude towards food and drink.

Guest log 5/21

Breakfast: 1 bowl Post raisin brain with plain Silk

Lunch?: raw baby spinach dipped in hummus

Dinner: at Dino's Pizza, in Burbank
Jeff and I really love this place. The food can't be beat. Also, it's in the heart of Burbank, so they have dozens of really awesome signed celebrity pictures on the wall, including one of the cast of "Three's Company." My favorite one is of actor Doug Savant. It says, "To my friends at Dino's Pizza: thank you for the years of support! -Doug Savant." Do you think they were lending him money?
1 slice cheese pizza
Many "cheese dippers" (these are basically like white pizza cut into long rectangles, and you dip them in marinara)
Diet Lemonade

During "Sopranos": 1 Jameson and soda
2 glasses Black Swan shiraz

A Day of Pasta 05/21

- leftover fusilli with shrimp & arugula

my bro's birthday dinner, Buca di Beppo, Santa Monica:
family style helpings of
- mixed green salad w/prosciutto and gorgonzola
- meat-filled cannelloni
- veal parmigiana
- fettucine with chicken and red peppers
- 2 bites of chocolate cake
2 pink lemonades

- 1 organic baby Fuji apple

Weekend In Review 3, 5.21.06 -- Sunday

Le Pain Quotidien
Cup of cold gazpacho w/ bread
Chicken curry salad sandwich w/ cranberry chutney
Bite of chicken sandwich w/ arugula pesto, some other stuff

Gatorade rain, berry flavor

Peter Cooper Village
Sierra Nevada Wheat Ale
Biscuit w/ honey butter
Caesar salad
Homemade mac & cheese by Kim & Caitlin
Yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting

This was a good meal and I would say probably had enough carbs and saturated fat to last me a few weeks. Luckily I was able to watch the beginning of The Skulls again. Anyway, good work Kim & Caitlin, that was actually probably the first time I've ever had homemade baked mac & cheese. Oh, and with reference to a debate during dinner, I was not able to figure out what, if any, European lineage there is for macaroni & cheese, but legend has it that it was invented by Thomas Jefferson.

Weekend In Review 2, 5.20.06 -- Saturday

"Banana bread" instant oatmeal -- I guess the lesson is that banana flavorings are just not very good in instant oatmeals.

Gatorade Rain, tangerine flavor

Asparagus -- I took Mark Bittman's recent advice in the Times and peeled my thick asparagus below the floret before cooking (I sauteed w/ garlic, shallots, and some lemon zest at the end). I was pretty glad I did, they came out well and looked really nice.
Chicken Parmesan -- I didn't make my own sauce. I used Paesano pomodoro marsala, which is a little pricier than most bottled sauces, but I really like it because it has the sweet marsala wine flavor in it.

30 Rockefeller Center
Miller High Lifes
Cocktail hotdogs
1 bitesize brownie
1 bitesize blondie (I think)
1 bocconcini

The Cutting Room

Weekend In Review 1, 5.19.06 -- Friday

Internless Lunch @ The New Yorker
Grilled chicken w/ citrus vinaigrette
Couscous w/ strawberry, fennel?
Curry tofu
Creamed corn
Chocolate chip cookie

Intern Julie Yang resigned. Now Zach and I just eat awkwardly with really halting conversation. It's a pretty unnerving and sad way to spend a lunch hour. You probably should have this entry really slowly and thoughtfully.

Oasis Falafel

The Lucky Cat

Stuyvesant Town Party
Murphy stouts -- This, as it turned out, was not a party but was Conrad and Karnofsky watching Dog Whisperer.


Blue and Gold
Guinness -- Not necessary.

2006 May 21 - I bought a toaster today - see if you can spot the difference

Woongjin Morning Rice
Two slices Marmite toast (Stroehmann's Xtreme Wheat)
Orange juice
BLT with mayo on toasted Xtreme Wheat
Coffee with milk and sugar
One slice of Marmite toast
One slice of honeyed toast
Golden cola champagne
Edy's Whole Fruit Peach bar

Macaroni and cheese with Italian sausage
The final, prostate milking products of my tube of Dtour
Chardonnay spritzer
Small chardonnay

I forgot to write that I also had right before beddy-bye
Delicious mug of warm Horlicks
Two slices of marmite toast

Sunday, May 21, 2006

5/20/06 - Saturday

At the party house:
Jeff's oatmeal

At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open House:
Diet Coke

At the DOM'99 BBQ:
EAP touched on this, but I guess DOM's GF is known to be a very good cook. This turned out to be completely true.
1 Corona with lime
2 eggplant mozzarella pinenut bruschetta things (This apparently contained chocolate and brown sugar, but it was savory. It was delicious.)
Spinach and artichoke dip on chips
Homemade mac & cheese
Potato salad
A biscuit
Half of BFD's veggieburger (w/ cheese, ketchup, mustard, tomato)
3 or so glasses red wine

Pan popcorn
A frozen banana with chocolate syrup (I have always wanted to try this. I wasn't that into it.)
3-4 glasses white wine

5/19/06 - Friday

Egg whites on wheat toast

Diet Dr. Pepper

Half a loaf of fresh French bread from the Farmer's Market
1 glass white zinfandel from the bar at the Farmer's Market
1 glass of Pinot Grigio from same

Diet Dr. Pepper

Hummus and French bread

At Nyala Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia:
Some sort of green pea appetizer with pita
The vegetarian combination: yemiser wot (red lentils), kik alecha (yellow split peas), defen yemiser wot (brown lentils), yatakilt wot (mixed vegetables), yabesha gommen (collard greens), injera (spongey bread)
1 glass Ethiopian white wine

At the party house:
Hummus on crackers
4-5 glasses white wine

2006 May 20

Vanilla Silk
The last of the Societé roquefort on Carr's Rosemary
Golden Cola Champagne

Rickshaw Dumpling - Six peking duck dumplings with hoisin sauce

Woongjin Morning Rice brown rice drink

Golden Cola Champagne
Gorgonzola & Carr's rosemary
Barilla elbows, parmesan, parsley, and garlic sauce

Art interlude
2005 Falling Star Sauvignon Blanc
2005 Falling Star Merlot
Pabst Blue Ribbon
I ran into Sally at the Phatory on the way home and she gave me a bit of Chocolate soy ice cream

Two Woodpecker

Blue Moon

Two 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon
Most of two 16oz Bud Lights, both left mostly full by guests in my home

Guest log 5/20

Breakfast: 1 bowl Post raisin bran with Silk

At NASA/Jet Propulsion Labs Open House:
1 can Diet Coke
About 1 packet (shared) freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream

At the Dan Medina Legal Defense Fund barbecue:
1 fried chicken drumstick (KFC)
macaroni and cheese
beans, pinto and white (cooked in crockpot with bacon and carrots)
creamed spinach
1 hot dog with mustard, ketchup, and relish
2 cans Pabst Blue Ribbon
The food at this event was really awesome.

Later, at home:
1 bowl of raw baby spinach, sort of dipped in hummus (leftover from Zankou chicken)
This was kind of weird thing to eat -- not really a salad; not that reasonable a way to eat hummus -- but it tasted good. Tasted strongly of hummus.

At Karaoke, Warbs and Jones's:
Many handfuls of Lay's salt and vinegar potato chips
some more freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream
4-5 Red Label and sodas


lunch, Koreatown Galleria foodcourt's Tofu House:
- beef soon tofu
- rice w/beans
- some fish, potato, kimchee, and gim (same as Japanese nori).

- Chicken Saltimboca
This was a disaster. The key mistake was in not pounding the chicken cutlets thin- or evenly-enough. In my laziness, I used the Foster Farms thin-cut chicken breast package, but the thicker cuts did not cook through while the spinach overcooked. Other major mistake was stuffing the chicken rolls with too much spinach so that the toothpicks didn't hold. Much spinach spilled out into the pan, overcooked, and ruined the sauce. The whole thing was an eyesore. May it find a gentle resting spot in the LA landfill.
- Penne with spinach sauce
Sauce = spinach, goat cheese, reduced-fat cream cheese, garlic pureed in food processor + a little pasta cooking liquid to thin out. Next time I will use less garlic as 3 raw cloves was too strong even for me, a garlic-lover.

- 1 chocolate chip cookie
- several handfuls Lay's salt & vinegar chips
2 red snappers (whiskey, amaretto, cranberry) Made by Jones and perhaps the most delicious drink ever.
1 mostly plain coke with dregs of amaretto

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tittsburgh - The Gentleman's Tour

MMW: breakfast special (3 hotcakes, 2 eggs over easy - touch of hot sauce, bacon), coffee
SC: breakfast special (same but scrambled - lots of ketchup, sausage), coffee

Strip District:
Both: samples of salsa
SC: chocolate cannoli

Gandy Dancer:
MMW: Ketel One martini, rocks, twist
SC: whiskey sour

MMW: buffalo chicken tenders, German potato salad, Absolut rocks, Yuengling, Dewar's and soda
SC: buffalo chicken tenders, 2 Dewar's rocks, 1 Dewar's and soda

Beehive Coffee:
MMW: Coffee w/ cream and sugar
SC: Cafe Mocha

Piper's Pub:
MMW: Bodington's
SC: Dewar's

MMW: Ketel One rocks
SC: Rob Roy

Carnegie Mellon Graduation:
MMW: small strawberry cupcake, 2 pecan tassies.
SC: small coffee cupcake, small coffee

William Penn Tavern:
MMW: 2 20oz. Red Hooks, cheesesteak, some fries
SC: Yuengling, cheesesteak, some fries
MMW reports this a lot, and I for one pictured a Shay's type wood-paneled English pub. It's actually a trashy, very un-MMW sports bar. Tatesome waitresses, d-bag clientele. "I like the cheesesteaks," he claims.

Harris Grill:
MMW: 2 Penn Pilsners
SC: 2 "Aunt Pat's Lemonade"

Guest log 5/19

Breakfast: 1 bowl raisin bran* with plain Silk

Coffee Break: at Starbuck's
1 grande coffee with 2 packets Splenda and a generous splash of half and half

Dunch/Linner: 1 bowl angel hair pasta with butter and parmesan/romano
Handful of seedless red grapes

Around 10 pm, after the harrowing experience of seeing Chan-wook Park's "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance": at In N' Out
1 cheeseburger, animal style

Later, at home/in tub: 4 longneck bottles Bud Light
Jeff brought back 4 insulating beer "coozies" from a recent trip to South Padre Island. If you do not use these on a regular basis for your at-home beer consumption, you are doing yourself a great disservice. They have changed the meaning of beer for me. They make the final third of a can or bottle of beer an icy-cold pleasure rather than a lukewarm chore. Also your hand doesn't get all cold and wet.

*a combination of Kellogg's and Post, as the box of Kellogg's was ending and the Post was on sale. I find I really prefer the Post. The Post flakes are generally more substantial and less mushy.

Hi' Carb and Lovin' It 05/19

Brunch, John O'Groat's at Pico/Prosser:
- a piece of blueberry muffin, piece of blueberry scone, 1/4 slice of banana bread, 1/2 biscuit with butter and strawberry jam
- "The Baxter" crepe-style omelette, with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and avocado
- home fries with ketchup & tabasco
- 3 cups coffee
The banana bread was fine. Scone was, as all scones seem to me, utterly tasteless and dry. Biscuit was decent. Home fries good. Apparently Mr. O'Groat has never heard of seasoning his omelettes. C-

- leftover fusilli with shrimp and arugula

Dave & Rachna's:
- slice of sobrasada on a cracker
- 2 shrimp chips
- 5-7(?) glasses Beaujolais-Villages
- 1 glass indeterminate red wine
- 1(?) glass interdeterminate white. Label said "Con Class."

back home:
- remaining 1/2 of banana bread?
- lotsa water and some zinc supplement, which I am convinced, based on no scientific proof, prevents hangovers. Today, zinc: 1, hangover: 0

2006 May 19 - Happy 29th Anniversary of the theatrical release of Star Wars

Iced coffee with milk and sugar

Two slices of pepperoni pizza - absolutely awful
Slice of cheese
Diet Coke

Four Hershey's Kisses

Four more Hershey's Kisses

Coldstone Creamery - Love It waffle cone of Cookie Mintster

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday the Nineteenth of May

Yogurt con blueberries
3 cups coffee

Indian food from Sree's Lunch Cart:
Tamarind chicken
chickpeas and potatoes
tomato daal

1 Wolaver's IPA

Burger with bacon and crumbly blue cheese and crispy homefries at Tessaro's
1 Yuengling porter

At the Warhol Museum:
1 Absolut martini, with olives

At home:
1 large-ish slice of strawberry rhubarb pie



Odessa Cafe:
Challah french toast
Coffee (the solids were dreadful, the liquids wondrous)

Newark Airport Pizzeria Uno's:
Spaghetti and meatballs combo
It goes without saying this was terrible. I knew it would be terrible. I don't know why I ordered it. Sometimes people do things that are irrational. That's what you economists will never understand.
Some bites of Schrafen Berger pure dark chocolate

Tessaro's, Pittsburgh:

Barbeque cheeseburger
home fries

Andy Warhol Museum:

Big Apple-tini

Cookies and cream milkshake

Investigation: MMW's Fridge!

FFs, I journeyed to the City of Three Rivers to eat with MMW for a weekend. Here's a peek into his fridge:

1 half-eaten bag, bismati rice
quarter bag, arboria rice
7 bottles, Deer Park water
half a lemon
Stonyfield Yogurt
Creme fraiche
parmesan cheese
baby carrots
eggs (a plenty!)
a lot of onions
Royal Gala apples
salted and unsalted butter
mole sauce
citron pickle
strawberry jelly
Frank's Red Hot
Whole Foods hot sauce
orange juice
cranberry juice
8 bottles of Wolaver's IPA
LEFTOVER: pasta with red sauce
LEFTOVER: black beans and rice
LEFTOVER: strawberry rhubarb pie

A Lot of Food and a 6 Mile Walk

Thursday, 5/18

4 mini milky way and milky way dark
Chicken in some kind of coconut milk curry thing. Green beans, broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/ butter, chocolate chip cookie, OJ.

Chocolate chip cookie, 3 sips of EdenSoy chocolate milk. Someone told me soy chocolate milk is better than regular skim milk if you have high cholesterol and that it tastes great. It tastes terrible. Also, I only got it because there was no regular chocolate milk.

My boss made me go up to 100th and B'way so that I could watch him play some women's table tennis world champion. She beat him 3 games to 2, but she was using her left hand (her weak hand). Anyway, the point is that then it was raining so my boss took me to dinner at the Metro Diner across the street.

1 Heineken.
Steak Frites, w/ green beans and carrots.

Then I walked home from 100th and B'way, in dress shoes. The park was nice, but this proved to be a wretched mistake.

1/2 glass chocolate milk.
1 Hefeweisen at Radio Perfecto.
4 Stella Artois at Blue and Gold.

Last Day of Work for Awhile

Chicken Stir Fry with Soy Ginger Sauce

Ketels and Sodas (2)

Garlic Bread
Salad with Italian Dressing
Filet Mignon
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Ketels and Sodas (2 more)

The Smokehouse is a fairly mediocre Burbank steakhouse that Johnny Carson supposedly frequented, though we have asked the bartender about him several times, and he seems to not know who Johnny Carson is.

Hubba-Gump Shrimp Co. 05/18

- turkey and provolone on wheat w/spicy brown mustard
- some pretzels
1 can Diet Hansen's grapefruit soda

- Fusilli with Shrimp and Arugula
(recipe from Giada's Family Dinners)
FoodFriends, I believe I generally live a life of humility and self-loathing, but I must say here that this meal turned out motherfreaking fabulous. The shrimp were delicate, succulent, full of flavor. Thanks to the many Food Net stars who never cease to emphasize how easy it is to overcook shrimp. The recipe said to "saute [the shrimp] until translucent, about 2 minutes." I had them over the heat maybe a minute and a half, tops, then turned off the burner while I drained the fusilli and added it and the arugula to the pan. It made for the perfect amount of carry-over cooking. GDL's recipe is so simple; the whole meal would have come together in 15 minutes, were it not for peeling and deveining the shrimp. I substituted whole wheat pasta for regular. I'm usually not an arugula fan, but there was something seductive about its horrid bitterness. Next time I will try with spinach instead.
- a few handfuls Parmesan Goldfish

- 2 Miller Lites
- 1 slice veggie pizza from Domino's

Guest log 5/18

Breakfast: 1 bowl Kellogg's raisin bran, with plain Silk

Lunch: at Gaucho Grill, Studio City
"Manager's Special" salad (lettuce, chopped tomato, shredded mozzarella, rice, white beans, honey mustard dressing)
2 pieces French bread

Dinner: at Zankou Chicken (Sunset & Normandie location)
Tarna sandwich (pita, chicken shawerma, chopped tomato, garlic sauce)
hummus with pita
"pickles" (bright pink pickled...radishes? rutabegas? Whatever, I love them)
Small diet pepsi

"The Wire" viewing and hot tub: 2 vodka-and-soda-waters


2 bowls of Kashi, milk

Diet Pepsi from a mall in Sherman Oaks
(Next to the place where I got my soda, there was a place that sold Dippin' Dots. I really wrestled with myself on this one. I wanted to taste the future, but I was also in hurry running errands for my boss. I skipped it. I wish I could have written "Dippin' Dots" here.)

2 apple slice samples from Ralph's

Cooking with CB:
Some pieces of asparagus
We made fish en papillote with a garlic butter sauce, chives, fresh thyme, asparagus, and prosciutto. I have been waiting to make fish en papillote (baked in parchment paper) since before I started eating fish again. I am excited to hear how it turned out.

Curried lentils with spinach and carrots
Roasted garlic hummus
Finished off my box of Good & Plenty
2 glasses chardonnay

Whole grain tortilla chips
3 glasses chardonnay


Baby carrots
Blueberry yogurt
Chocolate snack pack
Fuji apple

2 Potato pancakes
Brisket sandwich, cole slaw
No Dr. Brown's -- The waitress never brought me the Dr. Brown's I ordered but did attempt to charge me for two of them. You picked the wrong rube this time, lady. We gave her a good tip.

Levain Bakery
Nothing -- I heard that this place has pretty special cookies, but it closes at 7 so I couldn't buy any. I thought you would like this little picture of my life.

Blue and Gold
4 Guinness -- I've been drinking so many Jim/Cokes for financial/dietary reasons that I almost forgot that what I really like to drink is Guinness. These made me happy.

This is the website that my browser took me to when I tried to read FoodReporter this morning.

2006 May 18


Mountain Dew Slurpee - This time I got the Magneto medallion - scary!


Amy's - Vegetarian White Bean Puree - with "roasted garlic, avocado, tomato, lettuce & a drizzle of lemon oil, on organic whole wheat 5-grain bread"
Arizona Extreme Energy Shot
King Size Nestle Crunch Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
Fudge Reese's Bar

The world of art with special guest SC

Ensoleil Cuvée blanc de blancs, two cups
A quite poor chardonnay
Half a cupcake with a peace sign piped onto the top

Evening's entertainment

Chumley's - Bud Light

Two glasses Al Verdi pinot grigio
Spaghetti alla luganico
2003 Lyricus rosso piceno

16oz Bud Light
Servings of roquefort and limburger on Dangold water crackers and Carr's rosemary crackers

The Eighteenth of May was a Thursday

banana and blueberries in yogurt plain, with a bit of honey
2.5 cups coffee
1 tumbler orange juice

PB&J on chthonic black bread.
1 royal gala apple
No, I am not going to stop using that word

I was to have a guest arrive this evening, but due to some freak natural phenomenon, his arrival was delayed. Crushing, as I had something very specifically planned for supper which this change of plan mooted. As the news came while I was leaving the dry cleaners, where I had just dropped off some shirts, I decided to indulge myself, sort of.

On the walk back to my abode, I glanced into dear Prantl's and saw a sign saying that they had strawberry rhubarb pies for sale. My favorite, I thought to myself, and entered, and set myself up for the second disappointment of the evening: They were out of s.r. pies! Shit. So I bought a slice of carrot cake instead.

Then I stopped at the market, and bought myself a beet salad and some pasta sauce. Thence home, where

1 99 cent bag of Beachside Barbecue chips from Cape Cod
Beet salad (very tasty)
1 Wolaver's IPA
penne rigate with tomato sauce, red pepper flakes, and a goodly amount of parmesean cheese.
1 Wolaver's

carrot cake slice

Thus like a fat teenager, I was able to stave off the crushing disappointments of life (e.g., getting a Four Runner instead of a Range Rover when you turn sixteen) by eating.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dunkin' Donuts coffee

Logan Airport Legal Seafoods:
Roll with butter
Bowl of clam chowder with oyster crackers
Cup of coffee (I know this was too much caffeine, but I had time, and I wanted to continue listening to a conversation at a table near me where a pilot was explaining to a flight attendant how DVDs work)

Newark Airport:
Some chicken tenders with BBQ and Honey Mustard sauce from Miami Subs

The very scenario described in the Questionnaire occured - a quirk of fate, a flight postponement, left me in New York for one mealslength. Let's see how I did.

NYC - Gallery Tour:
Can of Heineken.
2 cups of Ensoleil Cuvee blanc de blancs wine
St. Francis chardonnay (this was nast, as even the pourer agreed. It tasted like butter popcorn Jelly Belly. Jack, please confirm this improbable taste. Most of mine I poured in the gutter.)
1/2 peace cupcake
1 cup undetermined white wine

NYC - Chumley's:

1 beer, undetermined.

NYC - Max:
2 glasses, Al Verdi pinot grigio
1 glass, Lyricus
1 glass, San Gionovese

NYC - Jack's Courtyard:
1 Roquefort cracker
1 Woodchuck cider

Tuesday and Wednesday, ZK

Grilled chicken sandwich w/bacon, lettuce, pepper, pepper sauce, and ketchup. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ, chocolate milk. White roll w/ pesto. Gala apple.

Chicken kabob sandwich and two spoonfuls of Edy's C'n'C ice cream. I'm buying the next round, MPod.

Grilled chicken, pepper, pepper sauce, ketchup, broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/ olive oil, choco chip cook, OJ, some mini-milky-ways and some chocolates someone left on a desk that made me feel sick from so much sugar.

1 gala apple.

Grilled chicken sandwich from Odessa w/ fries, OJ. Some chocolate milk, some saltines.

2 Dtour spritzers and 5 crackers

Guest log 5/17

Breakfast: 1 bowl Kellogg's raisin bran, with plain Silk

Lunch: at "Ace's"*
Crispy chicken sandwich with tomato, lettuce and mayo
Curly fries, dipped in "Horsey Sauce"
Unsweetened iced tea

Snack: 1 grapefruit

Dinner: Trader Joe's chicken masala microwave meal

Later: at 101 Cafe
1 side order of potato salad and some mooched sweet potato fries

"Lost" club: 2 vodka-and-soda-waters
Some bites of delicious Trader Joe's guacamole, with tortilla chips (thanks, BFD!)

* "Ace's" is a nickname for a certain fast food chain. A favorite of Jeff's. Can you guess which one?


- leftover lemon spaghetti w/2 Florentine meatballs

He-Hubbs insisted we have "comfort food" this night. Therefore we got dinner from Wendy's:
- spicy chicken sandwich, no mayo
- 1 sour cream and chive baked potato, easy on the sour cream

Amazing Race snack:
- 1 low-fat brown sugar and cinnamon Pop-Tart
- 1 glass Cab/Shiraz blend

catch the 5/18

1 bowl smart start +skim
1 cup coffee, black
1 half-cup oj because there was only a half-cup of oj left

crunchy pbj on wheat
granny smith apple

office party:

Taboon w/samdubs
fooddad and i feasted on:
delicious house focaccia w/tzaziki and hummus
zucchini yogurt soup w/mint
pan-seared fish-whose-specific-name-i-forget-but-it-was-white-and-tasty, over fennel and spinach with some yogurt in the picture
some coffee

What I Imagine: JEH Fan Fic

Those of you who work with him might have a better idea, but I assume I have rendered an accurate description of how JEH eats and lives.

1 Bowl of Cheerios
Sausage and eggs
2 roasted chickens
2 glasses milk

Pear from a pear tree at the top of a mountain which I scaled with no harness.

Bear meat sandwich (bear came at me, initially tried resolve things nonviolently, ultimately had to wrestle it to death)

Took three local kids out to ice cream after I rescued them from a burning building, no fire suit.

Happy Hour:
Whiskey with the Mayor, who took me out to thank me for the time I caught a bunch of terrorists.

Dinner with Family:
Mom's pot roast
Mashed potatoes with gravy
Green beans
Apple pie a la mode

Out with buds:
50 beers, no hangover


"Cinnamon bun" instant oatmeal

Baby carrots
French vanilla yogurt
Vanilla pudding -- oops! A lot of vanilla.
Fuji Apple

Nigori Sho Chiku Bai sake -- This is unfiltered sake, so it looks sort of milky. It's tasty and sweet. I liked it but probably prefer a good dry sake.
Sip of Caitlin's Hitachino White Ale
Pork bun -- This was a little different than your typical pork bun. The wrapping wasn't in dumpling form, but more like a little sandwich, filled with slices of braised pork belly, pickled cucumber, scallions, hoisin sauce
Momofuku Ramen -- Ramen noodles in broth with shredded pork, braised pork belly, pickled root or vegetable (we decided it was probably bamboo shoot), scallions, fish cake, nori, topped with poached egg
Bite of Kim's ginger scallion ramen
Bite of Caitlin's chicken Ramen

I finally made it to Momofuku. Everything was incredibly good with the exception of the noodles, which were fine but not exceptional. I hope I don't make anyone on the internet mad when I say that I think the noodles themselves are better at Menchanko Tei in midtown -- they are toothier (in a good way) and more flavorful. Everything else was terrific, and even being a novice pork eater, I think I can say the pork (Berkshire) was really great. The pork belly was especially good and tender. In the pork bun, it had a distinctly bacon taste without being fried. So, I guess my opinion is that this place is good and I would/will probably go again, but it maybe isn't quite up to the crazy hype (3 write-ups in the Times 3 weeks in a row). Oh, the portions are also big, I could have shared my bowl of Ramen with someone and saved a bunch of money. Also, they have an attractive hostess.

Jack's Courtyard
Some of Jack's Own DTour spritzers.


Cereal Mix!: Bran buds and fiber flakes


Tilapia sandwich (Leftover Cajun tilapia with mustard and spinach, forman-ed)

Samples at Trader Joes:
Chocolate chunk cookie

Curried lentils with carrots and spinach
A few Trader Joe's Whole Grain Tortilla Chips (In addition to corn, these contain apple fiber, oat bran, brown rice, and flaxseed, and are apparently a "Good Source of Fiber." They tasted good/normal.)
1 glass chardonnay

Trader Joe's roasted garlic hummus
3 glasses chardonnay

Half a king-sized box of Good & Plenty (This is candy I weirdly love, and I like being reminded of a time when people didn't worry themselves about coming up with good names for things.)

2006 May 17

Iced coffee

Amy's Country Breakfast with wild blueberry preserves
(16oz coffee with milk and sugar, two biscuits, butter, and your choice of Bonne Maman jam, jelly, preserves, and marmalade)

Grand Sichuan
Chicken with garlic sauce
Veggie fried rice
Wonton soup

Sobe Green Tea

Vanilla Silk
Chunky strawberry FrozFruit
Small Pommes Frites poutine
Dtour spritzers - probably about 7 or 8, which you can translate into however many real drinks
A small cheese course, I ate mainly the roquefort which is totally awesome. I also revisited some of the limburger and found it much more to my liking this time.
Two Pabst Blue Ribbon

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

3 cups coffee
1 bowl, plain yogurt with banana and blueberries and, yes, drizzled honey.
I eat Stonyfield Farms yogurt since you can get it plain in largish containers. I read in the Corby Kummer article mentioned yesterday that the founder and CEO of Stonyfield, one Gary Hirschberg, also sits on the board of Honest Tea. We all worry about corporate farming and dangerous slaughterhouses and toxic fertilizer, but when, oh when, will we wake to the reality of the organic-industrial complex?

PB&J - chunky, strawberry, on this dark Russian bread again.
1 royal gala apple
Not to editorialize overmuch today, but this dark (black, in fact) Russian bread offers a really peculiar and tasty flavor when combined with PB&J...very earthy and almost mushroomy? It's quite rich, and really doesnt strike one initially as the kind of bread that would be ideal with PB&J, but it's really interesting. Sort of like pumpernickel, but far more intense and, dare I say, chthonic?

Afternoon snack:
leftover pesto pasta with peas and I think I found one grape tomato in there from Sunday 14 V.
1 Wolaver's IPA

black beans and rice with diced carrots. No celery because as it turns out, I didnt have any fresh celery in the house.
2 glasses of crap substandard BV vineyards cabernet sauvignon.

I'm pretty sure I dreamt last night about a cabernet/syrah blend, though I don't recall the name of the vineyard.