Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday, 3.30.06

Toast with butter. The bread was a nice multigrain, made in the Laurel Highlands.
Plain yogurt with blackberries, half a banana, and honey drizzled on top
Kenya AA coffee...2 cups. Not as acidic as the last time I made it; probably b/c I didn't make it as strong as the other day that I drank it. I believe I may have a tendency to make coffee too strong. I normally like it, so it doesn't hurt anyone, right?

1 plum.

Drinks at The William Penn Tavern:
2 Red Hook ESBs
Onion rings

Dinner at Tessaro's:
1 Penn Pilsner
Hamburger, medium with bacon and crumbly blue cheese. Also, onions and lettuce, and a bit of ketchup. Side of home fries. This place serves very good hamburgers; I think I erred by overwhelming the burger taste with the blue cheese. Next time, just cheddar.

Further drinks at the Harris Grille:
1 Sierra Nevada IPA

Even more drinks at the Pittsburgh Deli Company:
1 Red Hook Nut Brown Ale
1 Yeungling
1 Wolaver's India Pale Ale

Home, for water and toast.

dubs 3/30

1 cup coffee +1% +splenda
1 cup grovestand oj
1 large bowl honey-oat granola +1% (did you know that you can get a lot more granola into a bowl than you can other cereals?!)

Cafe Ole
1 large tomato-cheddar soup - delicious! it's the kind where the tomato part is the slightest bit creamy and there are tiny chunks of cheddar in the soup.
2 baguette chunks (one was an extra one that i had to ask for!)

around 5 baguette toasts with diced tomato bruschetta-like substance

1 lemonade vitamin water ("multi-v," a-z)

Mexico Lindo
chips and salsa
chips and guacamole
chicken enchiladas w/mole poblano - i get this at pretty much every mexican restaurant. these were quite good though not exceptional. a-
1 corona w/lime

SC 3-30

Leftover KFC biscuit, with a Jones mild sausage patty. Something went wrong with my cooking of the sausage and it turned out hard as a hockey puck, so I abandoned it.
Mango juice.
Shot of Jameson Irish whiskey. I learned from a Bravo "True Tales of The West Wing" segment during an airing of "The West Wing" that Harry Truman would end his breakfast with a shot of bourbon. I decided to try! It gave me a little kick of energy and cheer.

One Laughing Cow creamy swiss wedge, spread on some Wheat Thins.

Celery soup from Joans on Third. Wonderful! I added a packet of pepper as I do to all soups.
Half of a chicken Milanese sandwich.

1 Mango Magnificence, made with Whaler's dark rum.
1 tumbler Jameson Irish whiskey on ice.

Trader Joe's Tomato Basil marinara, to which I added a sautee'd chopped onion, green bell pepper, garlic, and a grilled and sliced Italian sausage.
3 glasses, Black Mountain chardonnay. I am no snob, but this wine is downright bad. TJ's shoppers, this is one to avoid.

Guest Ingest: Thursday

A boring day:

Corn bread, toasted
1 bowl Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran Clusters, 1% milk
I’m reasonably pleased with my first taste of TJ. If I were to level any complaint, it would be “too clustery.”

1 can Diet Pepsi

12-15 baby carrots
2 sandwiches: crunchy Skippy and raspberry preserves on wheat
1 apple
1 can Diet Pepsi
I believe the apple was either a Honeycrisp or a Jonagold. Why did I bring my lunch from home today? I don’t know. Because it gives me a slight feeling of moral superiority?

1 bottle Stella Artois
4-5 cornichons

1 dinner roll
Mini penne, Newman’s Own Tomato & Basil Bombolina, Velveeta
I’ll occasionally make pasta sauce, but usually I buy. If I’m just going sauce alone, or if I’m adding meat (esp. sausage), I like Classico Spicy Red Pepper. But with Velveeta, the Bombolina is the only way to go.

1 Maker’s Mark

1 small pyramidal segment Toblerone

2006 March 30

Salt bagel with cream cheese
Large iced coffee with milk and sugar

Sullivan St. Bakery
Pizza patate
Pizza pomodoro
San Pellegrino Chinotto

Leftover Sparky's fries

Broadway-Lafayette subway
Hershey's Whatchamacallit

I had sworn I'd eat real dinner before undertaking this nonsense trip to Chelsea
Black Opal chardonnay spritzer
Cavit Pinot Grigio and Schweppes club soda
Two small anonymous white wines
Anonymous red
Amstel Light
Three little white wines


Blue & Gold
Sierra Nevada
Two Blue & Golds

Happy Endings - the bar that tonight should have been named, more appropriately, "Evening's Ending Marked By Excess, Regret Over Having Come At All, And Full Of A Bunch Of Jokers Who Aren't Dancing To The Shitty, Shitty Dance Music Being Pumped Everywhere"

Over the course of the evening
Most of a large bag of Honey Dijon Kettle Chips

Chinotto was kinda good, it's not recommended for anyone who does not like Campari. I feel awful today. I had a system of plans for how I would not drink too much. I did not do a good job.

intern wanted

everyone's been beating around the bush about this, but i think what we really need here is a comprehensive, searchable database of what and where everyone ate, when.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


One slice toasted banana bread
Plain yogurt, blackberries, half a banana, drizzled with honey
2.5 cups of Celebes coffee

an orange

1 Red Hook ESB
3 black pepper popadoms, which were, in my opinion, not very enjoyable.

Rice with whole cumin
Daal, made with 2 Thai chilis, 2 chopped tomatoes, red lentils, turmeric, and a wee bit (1/4 tsp) of cayenne. I accidentally ate one of the Thai chilis, and began hiccuping insanely, which could only be cooled down by a few spoonfuls of yogurt and breath-holding. This reminded me that, when I was initiated into a certain Final Club, I was made to eat a hot pepper (childish, I know). I don't recall what sort of pepper it was, but it made me hiccup a great deal. So now I know that eating hot peppers entire piss off my diaphragm.
A south Indian beet dish: chopped beets and slightly re-hydrated dried coconut thrown into vegetable oil in which mustard seeds, whole cumin, two finely chopped Thai chilis and curry leaves had been simmering for a bit of time. The beets were cooked until soft-ish.

This dinner was all in all pretty good, and accompanied with a half a bottle of Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon.

A coffee ice cream/chocolate syrup milkshake.

3/29. dubs.

1 cup coffee +skim +splenda
1 cup oj, mothafuckin' grovestand
1 (large) bowl honey nut cheerios

pre-lunch snack:
1 cup honey-oat granola (watch for a surprise appearance from this great cereal in tomorrow's report!)

Cafe Europa
after a frustrating experience with this company's online ordering system that resulted in a significany delay, i received my salad. it was delicious and in the end the delay served only to further whet my appetite. salad contents:
spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, almond slices, tomato, feta, balsamic vinaigrette (extra)

Jamba Juice
1 "original" sized mango a go-go (note: I cannot remember the actual name of my mango smoothie, so i made up what i hope you will all agree is an apropos mango-related smoothie pun)

1 cinderella super falafel, hastily consumed

1 pint budweiser select

Blue and Gold
1 shot unidentified whiskey
lots of blue and gold lager

lemon-lime vitamin water ("perform," b+electrolytes)

i would say that 3/29/06 contained a more than acceptable amount of snacking.

Potato chips

Has anyone had Hawaiian luau bbq sweet & spicy kettle chips?

Junior, 3/29/06

Not proud of what happened.


Chinese chicken salad

Around 3 pm, the commissary pretty much shuts down. The salad wasn't as bad as I expected.

KFC (thanks for providing me with this healthful, well-prepared food, National Broadcasting Company)
Three chicken strips
Mashed potatoes
Corn on the cob

In retrospect, pretty tasty.

Nacho cheese corn nuts
A bag of gummy bears


1/2 of an orange (essential + calcium) vitaminwater

Wednesday gets Ca-razay, 3/29


SC - The answer to "why" I eat almost everything I do is that I only eat about 5 things. However, as of one year ago now, I only ate about 2 things, so I'm on my way to becoming a normal man.

Condé Nast Cafeteria
3 slices of grilled chicken (I ate this for protein and I wasn't very hungry).
5 pieces of broccoli (for my health).
1 roll w/ olive oil.
1 chocolate chip cookie.
1 orange juice.

Hot chocolate and oyster crackers.
Dove dark chocolate eggs. (I get these from a bowl of candy in the office library. I have to talk to the people who work there every time I take candy because otherwise it would be rude, and also they're pretty nice. On Monday, one of them asked me how I reconciled playing basketball with being short, and all the other librarians have been super apologetic and nice to me since then, although as I explained to them, I took no offense.)

The Winners' Circle @ OTB
2 budweisers.
A grilled chicken sandwich (no fries? come ON Winners' Circle!)

Blue and Gold
A bunch of Blue and Gold lager.

Home Again
When I got home I was pretty drunk and by myself. My girlfriend Christina had bought me some snacks before she left for L.A. yesterday, so I ate a lot of chips and salsa, and then piecemeal ate the other half of my sandwich from OTB until I gave in and ate the whole thing. I've been in the habit of getting half of my sandwiches wrapped up when I go out, so now I have accumulated too many half-sandwiches in my apartment for me to eat them all before they go bad.

Guest Ingest: Wednesday

In keeping with SC's request, a little more commentary.

1 bowl Cheerios, 1% milk
Corn bread, toasted
I always try to fully consume whatever I buy or prepare. As such, you will continue to see this corn bread listed every morning until the over-large batch I made Monday is gone.

1 can Diet Pepsi
I think I drink my two daily DP's mostly because they are free in my office. Otherwise, it would just be more bottled water, of which I consume probably 80 to 100 oz. a day.

Dil-E-Punjab deli
1 vegetarian lunch box, containing:
some lentil thing
some chickpea thing
some spinach thing
1 can Diet Pepsi
Dil-E-Punjab, on 9th Ave, is a deli of the sort frequented almost exclusively by cab drivers. A very large quantity of food was only $4.50, though I was somewhat taken aback when my order, after being placed in a styrofoam box, was microwaved; I was under the impression that microwaving styrofoam releases posion gases or something. Anyway, it was good.

Sony Studios craft services
1 chocolate peanut butter chip cookie
2 cups coffee
Consumed more out of boredom than hunger, while watching a game show pilot taping. (An updated version of the Bill Cullen classic Chain Reaction.)

Then, a tragedy. After work I tried to go to Shake Shack. I got there at about 6:25, only to find that they had closed at 6:00. 6:00?! What kind of restaurant closes at 6:00pm? Confused and hungry, I ended up at Mandler's. A totally insufficient fallback.

1 knockwurst, sauerkraut
2 cups Diet Coke

Then, my inaugural visit to Trader Joe's, as will be evidenced in food reportage to come.

1 Aleve

3.29.06 - It is spring

Bananas and cream instant oatmeal -- Crazily I still do not like this

Shake Shack
Shack burger -- lettuce, tomato, american cheese, shack sauce
Black and white shake
Well, I headed down to the Shake Shack and waited in line with a bunch of other suckers for a ridiculously long time for what is essentially pool food. The thing is that I expected to be able to say that I've been to Shake Shack and it's fine, but whatever, it's burgers. As it turned out though, Shake Shack is really really good (though I admit the reason I liked it so much may have something to do with how long I waited for the food). The burger, advertised as a mix of sirloin and brisket (I appreciated this because this is exactly what Alton Brown suggests in order to get the flavor from the sirloin and the connective tissue from the brisket or chuck so that the burger doesn't dry out), was moist and flavorful in the greasy griddle kind of way, even though it was medium rather than my preferred medium-rare. The best part was the bun, it was just the right size, and buttered, and held together, and tasted great. Fries were decent and the shake was good. I guess I would not stand in the crazy line for this again, but I will definitely go back for a late afternoon 3:30 lunch, it is great.

Oh, one last thing: my entire meal cost about $11. This isn't totally cheap, but in a world where you can't get a cheeseburger at Off Track Betting (spoiler alert!!!) for under $11, this seems like a great deal.

Winner's Circle @ The OTB

NOTE: when you sit down to the Winner's Table, you have just agreed to pay no less than $15 for food and drink.

1 Budweiser
Fried calamari
No shrimp scampi you ask? I was too full from lunch.

Blue & Gold
Some B&G
Complimentary jim beam shot.
I also bought some beers for a couple of assholes who beat us at pool.

2006 March 29

The remainder of the guava turnovers
Large coffee with milk and sugar

Hot pressed prosciutto and mozzarella panini with sundried tomatoes, chopped basil, and "a touch of olive oil"
San Pellegrino Aranciata

My house

Orange juice
The pasta I prepared earlier in the week, except a defect of the premade sauce was corrected - I added several cloves of minced garlic and greatly improved everything
Spaten Optimator

Then I took a quick nap

Blue & Gold 79
Tanqueray on the rocks
Blue & Gold Lager
Romana Sambuca
Two and a half Blue & Gold Lagers
12oz bottle of Bud Light

Bite was very tasteful and discreet in their use of the sundried tomato, adding only so much as to be delicious and no more so as to be cloying and eye-blinking.


I do not do this lightly, but Conrad, the gauntlet is down.

What did you eat in Japan?

I do not cast down the gauntlet lightly. Conrad and Japan are two things I love.

I do not lightly cast gauntlets.

A brief manifesto, plus SC's Weds.

FoodFriends, we do great on the what and the how of our eating. But I, for one, would like to see some more "why?" Why did you make a particular food decision? Convenience? Memory? Confusion? Momentary panic? Opportunity? Romance? An attempt at crafting a particular self-image, or an effort to impress an associate? Curiosity? Health? An experiment in a fusion of tastes?

Something to consider.

Turkey, bacon, and cheddar melt sandwich, with a dollop of Boar's Head deli mustard, made in my Foreman.
This was a staple of my diet in NYC. I made it then and make it now in a futile effort to replicate a sandwich I often ordered from the Dunster House Grill. Something's missing, but I don't know what. The general greasiness that permeated everything in the DHG?
2 cups Capresso cappuccino

Beef chili from Doughboy's. I'd been wondering what lunch place we sometimes order from that I hate the chili at, and today I was reminded - it's the nasty, thick, sickly/tainted beef chili at Doughboy's.
Baby greens salad from Doughboy's.
Hot dog from the hot dog cart lady on Wilshire and Masselin. Her excessive kindness and professionalism makes me feel I ought to visit her from time to time.

1 can, Barq's root beer.
1 chocolate chip and nut cookie from Doughboy's.

Small sip of Calvados
3 tumblers Jameson Irish whiskey over ice.

#6 Combo (popcorn chicken, potato wedges, Pepsi) from KFC.
I haven't been to Popeye's in probably 4 years, and in that time KFC has changed a lot. Popeye's is on the way to Lost Club, so I got to thinking. How had Popeye's responded to the Twister and popcorn chicken revolutions? However I soon found myself in poor driving condition, but with fried chicken on the mind, so I walked to KFC.

1 Smirnoff vodka and lemon-lime Gatorade
1 Bud Light

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Junior, 3/28/06

I ate and drank some stuff.

The Commissary
Corned beef reuben sandwich
A&W root beer

Some guy's house
Slice of pepperoni pizza
Some salad
A couple shrimp
Some pasta, no sauce or anything

Rainbow Room, then later Key Club
4.5 vodkas and sodas
Some other drink (lemon-y?)

Then, good night!

3/29 are you outta your mind

1 grande sugar-free hazelnut latte, skim, with whipped
2 sample bites of starbucks lemon cake
1 sample bite of starbucks banana bread
1 bowl - half kashi 7-grain flakes, half special k (there weren't a lot of 7-grain flakes left or i would have had a whole bowl of those)
1 glass oj (no pulp)

1 balsamic chicken wrap w/cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard, on whole wheat wrap
1 glass oj (no pulp)

Zen Palate
I really like this place -- vegan, largely Asian cuisine that's not a dick about being vegan cuisine. which is to say that all of it is delicious.
spinach wonton soup - hooray! these wontons were lovely and the vegetable broth was flavorful.
scallion pancakes - these had what i'm told was fake ham inside them.
sweet and sour soy protien balls: lightly fried, delightfully chewy, and the taste sort of stays with you in a really nice way.

lemon-lime gatorade
brownie (can't remember where it came from but it was from a bakery in brooklyn and very delicious for a premade brownie)

SC Eats, Tuesday Style

Van Gogh smoked gouda cheese on low-sodium Wheat Thins. Low sodium Wheat Thins seem as good as regulars.
Some blueberries

Sampling from PF Chang's spread, focusing on lo mein and spicy chicken. What are thoughts on PF Chang's? I feel they're developing a new kind of food, which can't even be lumped as "Chinese food." This new kind of food is perfect cubes and orbs of meats in sweet syrups. I like it okay.
IBC cream soda
2 mini Dove ice cream treats

Turkey sausage stromboli from Trader Joe's
5-6 Dole pineapple chunks

1/2 glass of red wine
1 peach cocktail, dubbed "peach panache" or something, at the French place in the Grove. Jack Daniels, peach schnappes, ginger ale I suspect. Fine, expensive.
1 glass Calvados

Guest Ingest: Tuesday

Leftover corn bread, toasted
Greek yogurt w/ raspberry preserves
1 cup Irish breakfast tea

1 can Diet Pepsi

Bowery Eats (Chelsea Market)
Grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato and pesto on baguette
1 can Diet Pepsi

Applewood (Park Slope, Brooklyn)*
1 Maple Manhattan: Maker’s Mark, cardamom-infused vodka, maple syrup, dried cherries
1 pint Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA
Bread, three spreads: rabbit liver pâté, whipped French butter, blue cheese and olive oil
Braised Berkshire pork belly, pickled red onions, curried carrot broth
A few bites of: Crawfish ragout, mascarpone polenta
Sautéed duck breast, roasted salsify, cauliflower purée, duck jus
A few bites of: Braised Vermont suckling pig, roasted golden beets, celery root
Cheese plate: Garlic toasts, Ouray (cow), Mont Blanc (goat), Berkshire blue, Pennsylvania blue “cheesecake”
Sautéed apple crêpe, caramel ice cream, Calvados reduction
Cinnamon macadamia brittle, house-made “Tootsie Rolls”

*Almost certainly my best meal so far in 2006. Special congratulations and thanks to my lovely dining companion Alice, whose recent successes at work not only occasioned this celebratory meal, but also funded it. I am a very lucky man.


Bosch pear

Roast beef, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo on ciabatta -- ridiculously overpriced, but good. Horseradish and beef is a classic.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Burger with mushrooms and chedder on english muffin
Salad with honey mustard dressing.

It seems that I ate a lot of cow today.


a toasted slice of banana bread with butter
plain yogurt with honey, berries and a banana

homemade hummus, parsley, spinach sandwich on tuscan bread
half an orange

Homemade hummus, pita
Homemade salsa (HOT!), tortilla chips
Half of a Red Hook IPA

Corn tortillas
Boneless pork chops with mole sauce. To serve, slice the pork into manageable slices for consumption with the corn tortillas
Spinach salad with chick peas and walnuts. Homemade dressing (lemon juice, dijon mustard, olive oil, honey)
2 Red Hook ESBs

Various cakes from Prantl's Bakery, including Pecan Tassies, Ladyfingers, German Chocolate Cups, and Rugelah. I never realized how good the Jewish delicacy rugelah is!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2006 March 28

Salt bagel with cream cheese, large coffee with skim milk
12oz Fresca, Balance Cookie Dough, Banana
Various guava turnovers throughout day
Small Pommes Frites poutine
Spaten Optimator

Really sorry about this one, guys.

Zach Does the Weekend 3/24-3/28

Friday Dinner 3/24
3 Bass Ales at Pianos
1 slice of terrible cheese pizza at Rosario's Pizza.
Some kind of German beer at Radio Perfecto.
A bunch of Pabst, Stella, and Blue & Gold Lager at Blue and Gold. Possibly some shots.
1 slice of cheese pizza at Stromboli Pizza.
(In my dream I ordered another Jager shot and it was a full glass of Jagermeister and I was scared but I drank it.)

Saturday 3/25
Some crumbs from some chips from Whole Foods.
Turkey and toast sandwich from the bodega next to our apartment.
Orange juice.

Fake Orchid
1 chicken satay.
Beef and sticky rice plate w/ Mae Ploy sauce. (A couple summers ago, a friend of my mom's told us she invented this great sauce and gave us an unmarked bottle of it and it tasted great so we asked her to send us more. Then we found out it was just Mae Ploy sauce poured into an unmarked bottle.)
1 Stella Artois

2 Negra Modelos
1 Bass Ale
1 3/4 slices of Sicilian cheese pizza a la Vinny Vincenz
Some pastel colored Non-Pareils in a martini glass.

Blue and Gold
1 Pabst.
1 Pabst won in pool.

Sunday 3/26
Café Pick Me Up
Toasted bagel w/ butter.
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Orange Juice (at home).

Some of Mattpod's orange Gatorade.

Dinner, prepared by Mattpod.
Tostitos crispy rounds and medium salsa.
2 Chicken cutlets with corn flake breading.
Green beans w/ sesame seeds.
Chocolate "Skim Plus" milk.
Orange juice.

Monday 3/27
BBQ chicken breast.
Orange juice.
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Chocolate Milk.
Hot Chocolate.
Oyster Crackers.
Some Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs.

Tostitos Crispy Rounds and Salsa.
Chicken Kabob Sandwich.
Chocolate Milk.
Orange Juice.

Tuesday 3/28
Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs.
Turkey, Ciabatta Bread, Lettuce, Pesto, and Ketchup sandwich. (It was far too big and I feel like throwing up. It was really a huge mistake that I realized I was making half-way through, but I kept on forcing food down my throat.)
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Orange Juice.
Chocolate Milk.
Hot Chocolate.
Oyster Crackers.

3/28/06 as eaten by dubs

1 cup of coffee, with skim and splenda
1 (embarrassingly large) bowl of kashi goodfriends cereal, with skim plus
1 glass orange juice, no pulp, not by choice

Cafe Ole
turkey, swiss, avocado, honey mustard on wheat, grilled to perfection and lovingly consumed
1 bag baked lays
1 glass orange juice, again without pulp, again regrettably

Cosmic Cantina
chips and guacamole
1 chicken burrito with black beans, brown rice, jack, salsa, sour cream, and (kicker) mole sauce. this was the first time i got cantina's mole sauce and it did not disappoint. a nice spiciness to it that other mole sauces can lack.

the incessant workday snacking in which i typically engage was strangely absent yesterday. which brings me to the question: what are people's favorite non-meal workday snacks? maybe we've built up enough of a sample set here that i could research the answer to this question myself, but i'd really rather you just answer in the comments.

Guest Ingest: Monday

All breakfast and dinner items homemade.

breakfast sandwich: scrambled egg, American cheese, roll
1 glass orange juice

1 can Diet Pepsi

chicken parmigiana hero
1 can Diet Pepsi

2 orange juice & seltzers

6-7 cornichons
corn bread
carrot ginger soup
salad: mixed greens, avocado, grape tomatoes, walnuts

2 Maker's Marks

3 spoonfuls coffee ice cream

2006 March 27

Orange juice
Salt bagel with cream cheese
Large coffee with milk and sugar

Sobe Liz Blizz
All Americas Pastries Mini Guava Turnovers
Dirty Potato Chips Jalapeño Heat

Sobe Green Tea

Stop me if you've heard this one
Combination A
1/2 Seafood fried noodle
One piece squid okonomiyaki
Two octopus takoyaki


Two Budweiser

Guinness Bottle

Blue & Gold 79
Four small glasses Blue & Gold lager
Gin consumed in the "shot" method
Two Guinness

My house
Wolaver's India Pale Ale


Mixed berry yogurt
Baby carrots
Hunts chocolate pudding pack
Nabisco chips ahoy 100 calorie pack thin crisps
Pear -- It occurs to me that I essentially eat a self-constructed Lunchables for lunch. I really think Lunchables are pretty gross though.

2 octopus takoyaki
1 squid okonomiyaki
Seafood Yaki Soba -- This place trades in Japanese street food. Takoyaki are some kind of fried dumpling, okonomiyaki is similar to an omelette, and yaki soba is noodles of course. These are topped with a brown sauce and sweet mayo sauce, as well as some bonito. It is all pretty tasty and reasonbly priced, but like American street food, you get a funny feeling in your tummy.

Anti-folk open mike @ Sidewalk

McSorley's -- This was served to me by an old lady (Lucy?) with an indeterminate eastern European accent in a divey bar that smelled like vomit and was decorated with movie promo flats from the past year (Wedding Crashers, Up a Creek, etc etc)

Blue & Gold
Some B&G lager
2 shots Jim Beam -- As I write this it occurs to me that a better response to these free shots would have been a polite no thank you. Same goes for playing MLB: The Show with roommate John (who doesn't have to work until 3 pm) at 3 am. A great night of foodreporting was had by all!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday for SC

Latte and chocolate croissant at Casbah Cafe. Worried that there aren't any coffee places in Silverlake? This is one.

Turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese melt made on my Foreman.
Glass of mango juice
Pineapple chunks
Chips with red and green salsa

2 tumblers of Jameson Irish whiskey over ice

3/4 bottle of Smoking Loon
3 slices of Village Pizza pepperoni pizza

Leftover chocolate souffle
Vanilla ice cream

a weekend rundown

Saturday evening:
Cape Cod Beachside Barbecue chips
Bread with olive oil
Pasta with feta, onion, asparagus, orange pepper, and carrots

That night I made banana bread with fellow foodie James. It was a little overcooked, but good; we had a slice each that night.

Italian Chianti
Armagnac from my birthyear, 1980

Sunday morning:
6 sausage links and one egg; banana bread
2 cups coffee (French Roast)

Half a hot sausage sandwich from Primanti Brothers', a notorious Pittsburgh sandwich shop that serves sandwiches containing french fries and coleslaw. Also a side order of fries.

One whole roast chicken. To cook this you place a clove of garlic and half a lemon inside the chicken, and rub the skin with butter and some salt. 15 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees for every pound, plus 10 minutes added at the end. In the roasting pan was a single sliced onion and a tbs of olive oil. We then reduced the drippings in the roasting pan to make a rudimentary gravy.

The side dish we served with the chicken was an amazing pea recipe from Saveur magazine. It's Italian, from a Florentine trattoria. It merits copying out here:
3 cups of frozen peas
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup finely diced prosciutto (it doesnt have to be THAT finely diced)
1 tsp sugar (this part of the recipe is more important than you think)
1 whole clove garlic
a few sprigs of parsley

Throw all in a pot, bring to a boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally until peas are soft. Take out the sprigs of parsley and the garlic clove, serve with lots of crusty bread to mop up the juicy salty lovely liquid in which the peas sit. Off the hook!!!

So also lots of bread, this time some Whole Foods ciabatta.

Half a bottle of Guenoc Cabernet sauvignon, and one bottle Hawk's Crest cabernet sauvignon.

A slice of banana bread toasted with butter

I honestly can't stress how simple and delicious this dinner was. Worth trying. Then I made a stock out of the chicken carcass! I boiled it with some celery, parsley, one onion chopped in half, marjoram, 2 bay leaves, a couple carrots, a little bit of sugar and some salt and pepper. It's now frozen. I think I'll use some to make risotto soon.

Monday Morning:
leftover ciabatta, toasted with butter
yogurt with bananas and blackberries, drizzled with honey
2 cups of this rather acidic Kenya AA coffee. I may have made it too strong, though.

one PB&J, wheat bread, chunky PB, raspberry jam
one large navel orange

Georges Duboeuf Syrah
Cape Cod Beachside Barbecue chips

We're in the midst of making hummus. The chick peas are cooking right now.

I think tonight, leftover chicken (a leg), leftover beans and rice from Friday, and leftover pasta from Saturday.

A Haphazard List of Foods I Ate in San Francisco

Most of these foods were not eaten at restaurants, but were instead made at home by nice people for me!

From some Chinese place:
Scallops with ginger sauce
Tofu with broccoli
Beef with broccoli
Chow fun
Fried rice with shrimp

From a taqueria in The Mission:
A burrito filled with chicken mole, rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, and like three kinds of salsa (I ate it all)
Jarritos Limon soda

From an Indian ice cream place:
One large scoop, cardamon rose ice cream

Other stuff:
Scrambled eggs
English breakfast tea, several cups
Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup
An avocado, tomato and sprouts sandwich
Homemade pizza, one with tomatoes grown in the backyard and one with broccoli rabe
Crackers with stilton and mozzarella cheeses ("known as 'the king of cheeses,' stilton is one of the few British cheeses granted the status of a 'protected designation origin' by the European Commission)
Two glasses of champagne
Several glasses of unidentified but very good white wine

The above is not chronological because I play by my own rules.

Food Answernaire.

Hello, FoodFriends. It's Schoboats. Delighted to be with you.

Let’s get the questionnaire out of the way. I omitted a few questions (e.g. influential artwork) because I didn’t have answers, and others because it was just too long, but otherwise, I did my best.

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?

I don’t eat much candy anymore, and almost never go full-size. I’m guessing it was a Snickers, probably some time in 2002, bought in a gas station and consumed while driving.

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?

My tastes have only broadened as I have aged. There are many things that I used to hate (sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts, etc.) that I now enjoy, but nothing that has really fallen out of favor. Though I crave and eat far fewer sweets than I used to (cf. above), it does not rise to the level of disgust.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Boston, Cambridge, New York, LA.

Less for food than nostalgia, Boston is Dom’s. Meal TBD.
Cambridge is the Porter Square Anna’s Taqueria. Chicken super burrito.
My dining experiences in LA are few, but I trust a kind FoodFriend could direct me to some good cheap Mexican food? (NYC’s great failing. Sorry, Dubs – Burritoville sucks.)
NYC is tough. But I’m going to go with al di la. Swiss chard-ricotta malfatti.

What is a recent food impulse buy which you regretted? Which you were delighted by?

Regret: Attempting greater lunchtime health, an apple from an office-adjacent bodega. Mealy, internally bruised, disgusting.
Delight: A nice bunch of beets. Roasted, put in a salad with some chevre and walnuts.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?

Red beans and rice with chorizo. More than once.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?

Mattpod seems to have some nice meals, and I share his fondness for a Vietnamese sandwich from Nicky’s, but I’m going to go with MMW.

What are the shows you watch the most on Food Network? What are your thoughts on: Rachael Rae, Alton Brown, Nigella Lawson?

There was a time where I watched 10+ hours of Food Network a week. These days, not so much. Good Eats is my now-and-forever #1, but I don’t re-watch ones I’ve already seen any more, and the switch to DV for the new season is still slightly off-putting. (Also, I would like slightly less scripted comedy and more science, but I'll take what I can get.) Rachael Rae grates on me. Her enthusiasm is so clearly a put-on; she’s always raving about how things taste before they’re even in her mouth, and the pretense of the “first-time” meetings on $40 is annoying. (She just walked in off the street? Then why is there already a camera set up in the effing kitchen?) Nigella I’ve never really followed, but I like her recipes in the NY Times. The newer shows (esp. Ham On The Street) seem pretty uniformly bad.

What food staple would it be most difficult for you remove from your diet?

Pasta. I eat it several times a week.

If I told you that you could only eat one of the following for the rest of your life, but you could always get whatever you chose as fresh and as good as possible, which would you choose? Also, assume that whichever you chose would be seedless. 1. Oranges. 2. Clementines. 3. Tangerines.

Oranges, more for juice-drinking than actual eating.

Also, do you prefer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?

For actual food storage I prefer plastic wrap, but it’s hard to beat the feeling of tearing off a nice sheet of foil.

Name a fruit, meat, soda, and candy you despise.

Exotic Fruit: Durian.
Standard Fruit: Pomegranates.
Exotic Meat: I had some Icelandic rotted shark once. Not good.
Standard Meat: I like them all.
Soda: Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda is poison.
Candy: Peeps.

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner. Where will you go, what will you have?

You’re paying? I think I might just want to go to the French Laundry, and put my trust in a chef’s tasting menu.

Name a food that evokes a strong memory of a particular time and place in your life.

I know some folks who share this opinion: A cup of (admittedly terrible) Adams dining hall coffee is maybe the closest thing I have to a Proustian blah-blah whatever.

What is your relationship to caffeine?

I drink my fair share of coffee and diet soda, but caffeine does almost nothing to me, at least in terms of wakefulness/alertness. I can drink several cups of coffee and go straight to bed. Even NoDoz doesn’t get it done. However, if I drink a lot of coffee on an empty stomach, I do get a weird enervated feeling in my forearms and shoulders, like a palsy.

What is the best burger you've ever had?

I think the best burgers are those you make yourself, preferably in a back yard or on a rooftop, but those are admittedly more context than cuisine. I’m going to say it was the inaugural Double Shackburger I had on my first trip to the Shake Shack.

Are there any foods that would receive an F- grade from you?

Liver served as a dish unto itself (I’m fine with giblet gravy).
Lapsang Souchong tea.
Harpoon Winter Warmer Ale.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?

If it were an Alive-type survival question: MMW, again.
If it were a Fear-Factor-gone-wrong death sport: Strach, mostly because she seems to consume about 500 calories a day, so I’m guessing there’d be less of her to choke down than if I picked someone else.

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?

I would like a book about various eponymous recipes – peach Melba, fettuccine Alfredo, beef Wellington, etc. Each section would start with a nice photograph of the dish, and maybe a recipe, followed by an account of the history of the dish in a form sufficiently brief that you could read it on the subway or the toilet.

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?

Not really. I am very fond of Velveeta, which some people find disgusting. (I like to mix little chunks into pasta sauce, and my mom sometimes makes that great hot dip which is basically just melted Velveeta and salsa.) And I will eat things that other people deem too aged. But no shame.

What was your favorite meal in the Harvard dining halls? How much would you pay to eat this meal tonight? If this meal were available in Staten Island, would you be willing to travel there to eat it?

Freshman year, I ate pasta with olive oil and parmesan at virtually every meal. By senior year, they had ushered in a more lenient grill ordering system, and I routinely got two Chickwiches from HUDS-hero Winston in Adams – I would dress one with spaghetti sauce and cheese, and one with tomato, lettuce, and self-mixed honey mustard. Chickwiches would be forgone for chicken fingers, popcorn chicken, or beer battered fish wedges (not fish fingers, though). I would pay $6 for a dining hall Chickwich, or $10 for two. I would travel to Staten Island to do so, but only in good weather, and only because I enjoy riding the ferry anyway.

That is all.

A Time Of Change

First of all, thanks to guest correspondent v.DANGER for his touching and sometimes harrowing journey through the world of food. As our time with him draws to a close, we reserve room in our hearts for that bright-eyed little boy who eats 4000 calories a day. The cloud that draws v. on has a silver lining, though. We welcome guest correspondent and Manhattan bon vivant Mr. Schoboats for a week of food reportage. Mr. Schoboats has also agreed to field the scientific and rigorous Food Questionnaire developed in What I Ate Labs and premiered with Mr. DANGER's quotable debut.

My compliments to the chef!

Weekend in Review, 3.24-6.06

Here it comes:


Peaches and Cream instant oatmeal
Naval Orange

Conde Lunch @ The New Yorker

Grilled chicken with mustard vinaigrette
Vegetable lo mein
Cauliflower with sweet chili sauce
Braised fennel
Glazed winter squash
2 chocolate chip cookies

2 glasses chardonnay
Campanelle with braised veal and ricotta salata -- Tasty, but not nearly as good as the very similar dish I had this restaurant a few weeks ago. Similar ingredients but put together slightly differently to better effect.
Pan-roasted sturgeon with seasonal mushrooms and truffled carnoli rice -- This was great. The fish itself was pretty unexciting, but some watercress on top managed to pull the whole dish together.
Apple crisp
Earl Grey
I've been to this place on the Upper West Side a few times now and I really like it. Not ultra fancy or refined food, but really good, hearty meals. A very good, nice neighborhood place.

2 glasses unidentified red wine
2 glasses some German beer, name forgotten. Tasted like a pilsner.
Some Jim Beam and cokes


Ramen with chicken flavor
Iced tea
Can of coconut juice -- This was a big disappointment. I was hoping for something sort of milky and what I got was coconut water with weird, mucousy chunks of coconut.

Fake Orchid
Thai iced tea
Corn fritters with two sauces
Sticky rice plate with grilled beef -- This wasn't quite as good as I remembered it when WLG had it, but it was still great. I really love this Thai place.

1 Guinness

1 Negra modelo
1.5 Glasses of Lagavulin 16 year malt (thanks CKJ)
1.5 Slices plain sicilian per Vinny Vincenz

1 Boddingtons
1 Pabst (won in pool bet)
Some Blue & Gold brew

EDIT: I also had a glass of water back at 11th street with Jack and Zachkay. I then proceeded to start to fall asleep and just pour out the entire glass of water on my lap, the couch, and my cellphone. I pulled a WLG.


Cafe Pick Me Up
Toasted bagel with butter
Iced Tea

Gatorade, orange

Chicken cutlets with lemon and apple sauce
Green beans, olive oil, sesame
Egg noodles, parsley and butter -- Unfortunately bland
Chocolate milk

2006 March 26

Orange juice
Turkey bacon

Celeste Vegetable

Ronzoni Rotini No. 75 with Classico Spicy Tomato and Pesto with Parmesan cheese
Orange juice

Spaten Optimator

Sunday, March 26, 2006

SC's big Saturday - March 25

Singapore's Banana Leaf at Farmer's Market:
Paratha (Indonesian pancakes with peanut? dipping sauce)
Lamb curry with rice.
The paratha was excellent but the lamb curry was a little tough and nasty.
A slice of lemon. FoodAssociate Sue recommended this as a palate cleanser, and it was refreshing.
Iced tea.

Dinner, downtown:
Part of a stuffed pepper at Ciudad
Felipe's beef dip sandwich with Swiss cheese and mustard
Chocolate cream pie - the same mass-produced pie they served at HUDS!
1 Miller Genuine Draft
1 whiskey sour at Cole's.

1 vodka, club soda, and lime juice
1 of Jones' exquisite raspberry mojitos. This was the better of the two mojitos I had during this evening. No FR nor FA tops Jones as an enthusiastic and skillful bartender.

2006 March 25


Orange juice
Plain yoghurt with a sliced banana and blueberries
Two large cups of coffee
Quick swig of Orangina

Markt with Brondi
French press coffee
Frites with mayo (not up to the standards to which I have adjusted myself)

Kinder Surprise Egg

Buttered wheat toast with Marmite
The remainders of my last burgers for fear of spoilage served with cheese and ketchup and an unfortunate lack of bun
Wolaver's India Pale Ale

Coors Light, Coors Light,
Bees Knees,
Coors Light, Coors Light

Blue & Gold Lager (a bunch)

Miller Lite @ 11th

Half a Corona from the girls on the first floor

Saturday, March 25, 2006

2006 March 24

Orange juice
Salt bagel with cream cheese
Large coffee with milk and sugar

Balance Cookie Dough
Natucket Nectars 100% Cranberry Raspberry Grape - "Astronomer Maria Mitchell, a Nantucket native, discovered Comet Mitchell on Oct. 1, 1847."
Three Skittles

Large Pommes Frites Poutine

Two small Kirin Ichibans

Blue & Gold 79
~Four Stellas Artoises

Spaten Optimator

Friday, March 24, 2006


back to plain yogurt, blackberries, banana drizzled with honey
3 cups coffee

1 cup of orange spice black tea

1 cup of green and white tea

PB&J and an orange. The PB&J was the usual kind, chunky, raspberry, on whole wheat.

Cape Cod Jalepeno and Aged Cheddar chips, the 99 cent bag.
One Red Hook IPA

Black beans and rice, with chopped up carrots and celery and diced tomatoes. I put too much cayenne in, so it was HOT.
One Red Hook IPA

Drinks at the Pittsburgh Deli Company:
Here my darts abilities that seemed to emerge last night went back into hiding. I drank one Red Hook Nut Brown Ale and one Yuengling.


New York hot tip - Strand has "It" cookbook of the year Silver Spoon for 30 bones.

Any well-loved cookbooks? Good ones for beginning gastronomes? Anyone share my love for children's cookbooks from the 1950's?

SC, March 23

An English muffin, toasted, with peanut butter

Vegetable soup from Mani's.
1/2 of a chicken quesadilla from same.

1 can, Barq's root beer
3 mini Krackel bars
1 Andes candy

1 pint Guiness
1 small tumbler, Jameson and water

Miss Laura prepared a Mexican feast. She used this cookbook.

She replicated entirely the experience of eating at a Mexican restaurant, in that I filled up on chips.
Whole Foods 365 chips, with homemade red and green salsas, and guacamole
Drunken beans
Steak, marinated in sauce (delicious!)
3/4 bottle of white wine
1 glass, sparkling wine from Trader Joe's
1 glass, Calvados

Later that evening I had a conversation wherein I was accused of "going soft," WIA being submitted as evidence.

February the twenty-third

* six or sevan spoonfuls of plain yogurt with honey and banannas (hat tip to mmw for this delicious day starter)
* one hardboiled egg
* one half sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese
* one cup Earl Grey tea

Lunch (Fortune House - Van Nuys, CA)
* one-half golden wing - this is a chicken wing that has had the bones removed so spiced ground chicken can be stuffed into it. Yes, it is chicken stuffed chicken and it is magnificent
* one vegetable spring roll with peanut sauce
* one cup egg drop soup
* one chicken babycorn lunch special
The food the fortune house is not fantastic, but it has the advantage of being almost free

* one cup of coffee
* one Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie
* several pieces of Trader Joes dried mango

Dinner (Campanile - Los Angeles, CA)
I went for their Thursday grilled cheese night
* One Kettle One martini
* Cauilflower soup with a dollop of cream
* Croque Madame - grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top
* field greens
* one-fourth a strawberry shortcake
* one espresso
The building is sweet (Angelinos know it as Charlie Chaplain's former production offices). You're paying for ambiance so the experience is a bit overpriced if you're just getting grilled cheese.

Post-dinner (Club 331)
* One tumbler Dalwhinnie

It appears that I eat about twice as much as any other food friend.

Junior, 3/23/06

Let me tell you, this shit will be fucking boring.

Turkey burger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, plus a little Thousand Island dressing
Spicy fries
A&W root beer

1/2 bottle, the dragonfruit vitaminwater (once again it bests me)

2 styrofoam cups, Ketel and Boylan seltzer water

Turkey and provolone sandwich (Hastily made. More turkey? You better believe it.)
Veggie sticks

1.5 glasses, some Italian white wine

Viper Room
Vodka soda

And has been the trend the past few days, I went to bed hungry! I am a hungry boy.

Discussion Question!

What were your favorite meals served in the dining halls of the college we all went to?


1 Naval Orange

1 Mixed Berry yogurt
Some baby carrots
1 Naval Orange
1 Hunts Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack

Carnegie Deli
Some matzo ball soup with matzo balls and noodles -- This was terrible matzo ball soup.
Brisket on rye -- This was suprisingly pretty good brisket.
Cole Slaw
What the Carnegie Deli has in fame and huge portions, it more than makes up for in bad food and ridiculous prices. I'm not sure why Mom and Grandma decided to meet there, given that none of us like Carnegie Deli and there are several delis in New York we do like (the answer is that it is pretty close to my work and the theatre, but still not a great reason). It worked out ok for me though since the brisket was pretty decent, best thing on the table. No other foodreporters spotted tonight, although apparently many have been to Carnegie Deli. We sat under a particularly fetching picture of the oldest son on Home Improvement from when he was 12 or so.

Also, Mom claims that the deli in Detroit is better than New York (she is from New York, but Dad is from Detroit). I tend to disagree. I like Katz's here, and Artie's is decent (Fine & Shapiro is alright also).

2006 March 23

Orange juice
Large coffee with milk and sugar
Salt bagel with cream cheese
Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit

BLT with cheese
Snow mint beverage

Veggie Prairie Dog - Guacamole, fresh tomato, cheddar cheese with ketchup

The world of art
Perone (? what?) white
Bella Sera Pinot Grigio
Five more small cups of various undistinguished white wines, almost all pinot grigio

Westside Tavern
Four Guinness
A small amount of Disaronno

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Tired of yogurt and fruit, I had toast with peanut butter and a bit of honey drizzled on top.
3 cups coffee

Midmorning coffee break:
1 cup coffee, from Crazy Mocha, home of "Pittsburgh's Best Coffee" and Pittsburgh's best coffee

My father called me, asking me to meet him for lunch. I had a PB&J and orange prepared, but felt that this might be the better option. Thus:
Turtle soup
1 saltstick with butter
1 raisin wheat roll with butter
1 very middling reuben sandwich, with shoestring french fries

I was a wee bit tired after that, so got a green&white tea from Crazy Mocha.

3 squash soup from Whole Foods.
Leftover risotto
2 slices of toast with peanut butter and honey
3 Red Hook IPAs

4-5 Yuenglings

Home again:
1 slice of toast with peanut butter

dubs 3/22

whole wheat bagel w/scallion cream cheese, tomato
1 cup coffee w/skim plus and splenda
1 cup golden grahams
this is my version of the protein breakfast. i call it the carbo breakfast.

mini-sandwiches: 1 veggies on focaccia, 1 chicken flatbread wrap. these were fine but pretty bland.
bowtie pasta salad with veggies: our catering place does pasta pretty well. maybe it's because they are an italian restaurant who as caterers must bullshit their way through other cuisines that they (apparently) know very little about.
some roasted eggplant

Cosmic Cantina
chicken burrito w/black beans, brown rice, salsa, guacamole. grilled. tasty!
chips and guacamole

stella, pint

Zach Eats 3/22-23

I hope no one is annoyed that I will now post the second half of the previous day and the first half of today because that is where I'm at these days.

3-22 Dinner
2 glasses of some kind of red wine at the Harvard Club of New York.
2 Brooklyn Ales, some bar chips and 3 slices of mini pizza at the Harvard Club of New York bar.
I applied to be in the Harvard Club so I can use the gym and I had to go for an interview with some old people because of tradition. Nadosy was also there being interviewed and she is excited at the prospect of having a big Lampoon party in New York (now that she saw me and found out that there are Lampoon people in New York). If any NY food reporters don't get invited to her party, I'm sorry I told you about it.
30 ounce Heineken on the way to food reporter Dubs' improv show. They told me at the show that I outside drinks weren't allowed in, but I assured them that I would not drink my beer once admitted. I lied!
1 Bass Ale.
3 Blue and Gold Lager glasses-ish.

1 pancake.
1 piece of white toast w/ butter.
Orange juice.
Chicken, chinese bbq pork, broccoli and carrots.
White roll w/ pesto from yesterday's sandwich.
1 chocolate chip cookie
Another orange juice.


Bananas and Cream instant oatmeal -- I had never had this flavor before and I was disappointed, I will stick to strawberries and cream or blueberries and cream thank you very much.

Menchanko Tei
"Menchanko" noodle bowl -- Ramen noodles in soy broth with tofu, fried bean curd, chicken, salmon balls, rice cake, shrimp, scallion greens, and stewed cabbage (or at least some kind of stewed leafy green). I have not been to Japan, but I will nonetheless claim that this was very authentic and delicious. The house-made Ramen were cooked perfectly.

Blue Hill
2 glasses Rioja
Winter fruit and vegetable salad
Lamb with chickpeas and braised lettuces -- The braised lettuces (I think that is what they called them) were really delicious little greens that were different than greens I had had before, not your typical lettuce.
Chocolate bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream
Early Grey
Rival FoodReporter David Wain was at this restaurant eating with his parents. I couldn't see what they ate, but they did have a conversation about what a wonderful and thoughtful airline JetBlue is.

Blue and Gold
2 Jim Beam and coke
Some Blue & Gold Lager
1 Sip of Compari & Soda

2006 March 22

Orange juice
Large coffee with milk and sugar
Salt bagel with cream cheese

Balance Gold Crunch Crunchy Peanut Butter
Kettle Chips Spicy Thai
Squeezed Nantucket Nectars Limeade - "Islanders gathered in the Great Hall of the Atheneum for the first long distance call to the mainland on August 29, 1916."

Sobe Green Tea
Nino's white pizza with bacon
Vlasic Kosher Dill

Blue & Gold 79
Five 12oz glasses of Stella Artois
Whiskey and soda
Campari and soda

Whiskey and soda

Back at my home
One bottle Spaten Optimator

SC - March 22

The week of eating blueberries continues, with blueberries and a toasted English muffin with Skippy creamy peanut butter and orange juice for breakfast. For lunch, I sampled a Mexican spread from El Chollo - mini-taquitos, rice, a beef taco, ample salsa and guacamole. After lunch, I had a Cafe Cubano from Black Dog - good, if you like very sweet coffee, which I do. I chased with maybe 5 Junior Mints.

Dinner was a baked potato, 3 Gorton's beer-battered fish wedges with Premium Select Seafood Sauce (cocktail sauce), and the rest of my Kraft Mac 'n Cheese.

I had 2 glasses of Jameson Irish whiskey over ice. Then, over the course of the night, 4 Jack Daniels Country Cocktails Lynchburg Lemonade flavor, left over from my recent reception. Drinking these is like kissing a pretty but mean girl - always tempting, but you later pay for it dearly in self-loathing, anger, disgust, and the judgmental looks of your peers.

I'm working on reducing my soda consumption. My dentist said the folic acid is devastating on the teeth, I have too much processed sugar, and I want to keep my tolerance for caffeine at a reasonable level so I can deploy it as needed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A frenzied day, fellow food reporters:
Plain yogurt, blackberries, sliced banana, and honey drizzled on top
2.5 cups coffee
1 tumbler orange juice

I neglected to eat lunch today, so when I came home I ate 2 of the 99 cent medium sized bags of cape cod potato chips and finished the crappy Argentine malbec.

Pea risotto. I've never made risotto before; it's not really that hard, just time consuming. I must admit, though, it was well worth the effort, as I found it to be rather tasty.

I think this evening I will make myself some Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea.

Talking Points

I don't know if this is the kind of thing that appeals to anybody, but are there any food related websites that anyone likes?

Guest Reporter - Shaq

"I eat bagels in the morning."
- Shaq'Neal

strach: 3/21/06

1 multivitamin
egg whites, soy bacon, wheat toast

tall mocha frappuccino

cooking with CB, test bites of:
lima bean puree with rosemary
carrot soup with orange and tarragon
(we also cooked leg of lamb with herbs which i did not try but which looked lovely)

three-mushroom pizza (sauce was homemade, but for the dough i used trader joe's almost 100% whole wheat pizza dough, which was pretty good.)
1 cinnamon graham

powdered hot cocoa drink
1 cinnamon graham

chocolate ice cream

pan popcorn


i've decided to see if and how my life is affected when i take a multivitamin every day. my grandma is a huge proponent of vitamins, and has bought me several bottles which usually go to waste. when i moved out here, she sent with me a bottle of vitamins and earnest instructions to take them daily. they are kirkland signature brand daily multivitamins for mature adults ("compare to centrum silver"). soon i will be able to answer the question: how does it feel to get 213% of your daily molybdenum in one pill?

(i'm hoping the effects will be more desirable than the time when against several people's good advice i ate very, very many children's chewable vitamins (delicious!) and then got sick.)

Junior, 3/21/06

A slice of some raspberry danish-like thing

Grilled salmon fillet
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Mixed steamed vegetables

Peanut butter crunch Pria bar
Mixed nuts
essential (orange-orange) c + calcium vitaminwater

Salad with chevre, walnuts and avocado plus vinaigrette dressing
Penne fume (pancetta, onions, pink sauce) with two poached eggs
Crusty bread

Not that anyone ever wants to poach an egg, but if you do, one way to do it is to crack an egg into a coffee cup, then put plastic wrap over the cup. Pour the egg into the plastic wrap and then tie it off. You now have an egg-in-a-bag. Dump it in some boiling water, and in four minutes you have a poached egg with no mess and no need for vinegar or salt in the water.

Also, as you probably noted from my reticence, from 3/19 to 3/20 I did not eat anything.

the 21st of march according to dubs

2 bowls kashi go-lean crunch w/skim plus

balsamic chicken wrap w/cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on whole wheat tortilla
1 bag baked lays
1 lemonade vitamin water ("multi-v")

1 cup bbq soy crisps
a pear

most of the options were disgusting so i attempted to make a "vegetarian sandwich" consisting of a green salad and balsamic dressing between two slices of bread. needless to say, it was a disaster. d-, mostly out of spite
1 piece boston creme cake that was delicious as i was eating it but made me feel horribly disgusting the rest of the night. a- during, d- after

1 apple-raspberry vitamin water ("defense")
cup of tea (english breakfast)
brownies (which to their credit cancelled out any ill effects from the cake)
2 advil (then again it could have been the advil)

Z-Monday, Z-Tuesday, Z-Wednesday 3/20-22

My Half-Birthday

Grilled chicken breast sandwich w/lettuce and bacon. This sandwich from the cafeteria is never very good in terms of chicken, but the bun is really good, as is the bacon.
Orange Juice.
Chocolate chip cookie.
Oyster crackers.
Dove dark chocolate eggs (3).

Big penne with meat sauce, made by Mattpod.
Chips and salsa from Whole Foods.
Orange Juice.
Peppermint Patties (3)

3 slices of grilled chicken.
4 pieces of broccoli.
White roll w/ butter.
Chocolate chip cookie.
Dove dark chocolate eggs (4) + regular Hersheys mini milk chocolate rectangle.
2 packages of oyster crackers.
Crappy hot chocolate.

Crumbs left over from Chips.
Grilled chicken sandwich from Vietnamese place on 3rd that Mattpod knows the name of. Mickey's?
3 peppermint patties.

Smoked turkey on french bread with lettuce, ketchup, and pesto. The amount of turkey that the woman who works at the sandwich counter gives me is absurd. There was probably a pound of turkey on my sandwich and she decided it needed one more huge slice of turkey. I had to eat some of the turkey separately because there's no way I could fit it in the sandwich and then I also had to throw away about a quarter pound of turkey. I love turkey, but c'mon lady. I don't need the protein, lord knows. At first I always wanted to go to her, but it's not like I get 3 hours for lunch, just to finish my turkey.

2006 March 21

Orange juice
Green tea with chamomile
1/2 sesame bagel with strawberry cream cheese (?!?)

Chicken cutlet sandwich with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, avocadoes, and mayo
Sobe Liz Blizz
Dirty chips sour cream & onion
Casali Schoko-Banane XL "natürlich mit Chiquita™ Bananenmark"

Burgers - patties made from .5lb beef sirloin tip ground extra lean, worcestershire sauce, shallots, salt & pepper, mustard, basil, and some 4C bread crumbs, the official bread crumb of the Davis family. Served with mayo and ketchup on buns lightly spread with Lee Iacocca's Olivio before toasting.
Two Vlasic Kosher Dill spears

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21 for SC

Egg whites, bacon, and cheddar on an English muffin. Strach, egg whites are terrif from an academic perspective, but I miss the yolk tastewise. Laura's a big egg whites fan, and has fun flipping them in the pan. My office neighbor at Late Show used to order egg whites and sliced tomato from Rupert's deli every single day. He was a smart eater, generally.

A few bites of chicken tortilla soup from Gourmet Bites
A few bites of chicken curry salad from Gourmet Bites. Both were terrible. Gourmet Bites is one of those restaurants that tries to make too many things and makes C- versions of everything.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (I was at Target and couldn't resist buying a box)
An Italian sausage
Some leftover sautee'd red peppers. Cooked these with the sausage. It was okay, but I also experienced my first strong case of FoodFriends Envy - I wished I had some of that Tuscan bread MMW's always having.
Some Dole pineapple chunks, from a can.
1 glass Smoking Loon sauvignon blanc.

Several more glasses Smoking Loon sauvignon blanc.

March 21, 2006

Food Friends & Hunger Enemies,

As you may have heard, last night was my turn to cook the meal to be served at the weekly 6th street magnificence consortium dinner. I learned two things from the experience. (1) It is probably not a great idea to cook a recipie for the first time for guests even if the only difference is number of servings cooked and (2) a welding glove doubles excellently as one of those things you put under a hot pot to prevent it from marking the table.

The menu was as follows:

Trader Joe's samosas served with premade tamarind chutney. This was accompanied by the delightful mango cocktail that SC has already described to you.

Main Course:
Rajma (a kidney bean based dahl), raita (plain yogurt with tomatoes, cucumber, and red onions), Trader Joe's garlic naan, vegetable rice, and tandoori chicken (baked in a conventional oven not an approximation of a tandoori oven that Alton Brown has convinced me can be made with bricks and a clay pot in a conventional oven). This was paired with a Gewurtzameiner from Trader Joe's. I read somwhere or madeup that strong German wines go well with spicy Asian food and I think that proved to be true.

Desert Course:
Dates, grapes, and hazelnut wafers served with chai tea. The tea is guaranteed to wet even the most stoic woman's panties if that is your intention. (That was not my intention last night.)

Post-Desert Course:
Anytihng from the in-house scotch bar. Chivas seemed to be what most drank.

The recipies for the vegetable rice, raita, and tandoori chicken were delivered to my from my mother in a paniced late sunday night phone call.

I see that I have about fifteen more questions to answer. I'm not going to do that. However, I will say that I agree with Jack on the subject of beverage reportage. Let's not get sloppy. Resting on one's laurels has destroyed many a food reporting community before us and shall continue to destroy many more food reporting communities long after we die the grisley death that awaits us all.

Strach: 3/20/06

egg whites, soy bacon, wheat toast (SC, egg whites are almost pure protein and soy bacon is very high in protein also)

hazelnut coffee with cocoa powder
2 slices, soda bread

tuna sandwich, with nayonaise, on wheat, foreman-ed (this time i mixed in some rosemary wiht the tuna - an improvement)

applesauce with cinnamon
1 cinnamon graham

home brewed mocha latte flavored coffee (ralph's brand, so-so)

1 can diet dr. pepper

1 virgin mango magnificence
2 vegetable samosas
vegetable rice
rajma (delicious kidney bean tomato dish)
1/2 piece garlic naan
fresh red and green grapes
1 date
spiced tea with milk, cinnamon, and cardamom (a la v.Danger)
chocolate wafers

mocha latte coffee with cocoa powder
chocolate ice cream


Plain yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, and banana, drizzled with honey
3 cups of coffee. I've been drinking french roast since returning from Boston, in case anyone has been wondering.

First lunch:
PB&J, same make-up as yesterday: chunky, raspberry, whole wheat bread

Second lunch:
This was a buffet at a wake, in a restaurant. I had a small amount of salad, some tortellini, and two small pieces of chicken. 2 yuenglings, and one cup of coffee

tuscan bread with zesty garlic hummus. I just tore off some chunks of it, and finished the hummus.
Leftover zucchini farfalle pasta.
2 smallish glasses of aforementioned bad Argentine malbec

Mango Magnificence

Yesterday began the Week of Eating Berries! For breakfast I had an English muffin with Skippy creamy peanut butter (protein, FFs!) and some blueberries. For lunch, I had vegetable soup and a club sandwich from Toast. The bread at Toast is an incredible kind, delicious if you eat it right away but it goes stale within hours. Later in the day, I had a Barq's root beer. For dinner, I had Indian feast, prepared by Vali. I assume he'll report the details. The tandoori chicken was, no joke, one of the ten best servings of chicken I've ever had.

I also drank 3 of the new cocktail I premiered last night:
1 part club soda
2 parts vodka (I used some kind I got at Trader Joe's which was good)
2 parts mango juice with antioxidents (again, Trader Joe's)
dash of half and half or light cream.

This is completely terrific to drink. You can also substitute dark rum (Whaler's is good) for vodka - this might even taste better, but the coloring is a bit less appealing, sort of a murky brown.

I also drank a good deal of wine, a glass of Chivas, and some medicine. Later in the hopes of preventing "hang over" I had some Maruchan chicken ramen.

3/20 a la dubs

2 bowls honey bunches of oats, w/skim plus

turkey, swiss, avocado, honey mustard on whole wheat
1 bag baked lays
1 cup "basic 4" cereal

Spanky's BBQ
bbq smoked chicken sandwich - pretty good, but maybe a little small. and i will always compare these to the pulled chicken sandwich at redbones, a quintessential a+. this gets a b
french fries

lemonade vitamin water


2006 March 20 - Vernal Equinox

Five turkey sausage
Orange juice

Salt bagel with cream cheese

BLT with cheese
Yoo Hoo

Sobe Nirvana w/ 50mg Ashwagandha
Ghirardelli milk chocolate

Original flavor vegan Boca Burger
Spicy Chik's boca patty

Six Guinness
1/2 PBR

1 12oz PBR

Why did I think I wanted that last beer?

Weekend Photo Review: A New Restaurant, Some Dim Sum, A Funny Picture

Before going to Dim Sum, we were offered an unsolicited tour of the partially built restaurant going up on 11th and a. This is a kitchen:

This is what an empty room in a restaurant looks like:

This keeps the workers happy:

Dim Sum:

FoodReporter Friend Harvey also enjoys food (Bonus: see FoodReporter Jack hard at work):

As promised, a funny picture:

Monday, March 20, 2006


Plain yogurt with a sliced banana, blueberries, and blackberries, drizzled with honey
3 cups of coffee
1 tumbler orange juice

PB&J, chunky and raspberry, on Whole Foods wheat sandwich loaf.
1 orange

2 slices of tuscan bread -- two-thirds dipped in olive oil with grated parmesean cheese; the other third with zesty garlic hummus

3 links of chorizo, sliced into 1 inch thick pieces, and cooked in a skillet, to which I added chopped kale that I had boiled for about 5-7 minutes and mixed around. It was pretty satisfying to combine a healthy leafy vegetable with sausage, and the paprika in the chorizo gave all an odd saffron-y tinge. I got the recipe idea from Nigella Lawson's How To Eat; she recommends poaching an egg to put on top, but I figured that might be taking it a few steps too far.
1.5 glass of this rather bad Argentine Malbec

Creme fraiche with blueberries and a bit of sugar.

Let's get the formalities out of the way

Dearest Food Friends,

Firstly, thank you for welcoming my food thoughts into your homes and into your hearts. It is a great honor to be named the first guest foodreporter. I hope to do such a magnificent job during my tenure that this position will be henceforth referred to as the Vali Guest Food Friend. Again, a thousand thank-yous to you all.

In this cherry-popping post I shall address all of the questions posed to me thus far.

1. The last full candy bar I ate was a twix bar (both bars rapidly consumed in succession) last friday.
2. There is no food that I enjoyed as a kid that I no longer enjoy. In fact, I now enjoy many foods that did not enjoy as a kid. One example is mushrooms. Late Lamented Jeffrey Steingarten starts his great collection of Vogue food reporting, "The Man Who Ate Everything," with a chapter on getting over food aversions by repeatedly eating foods until he liked them. It's a great beginning to a great book.
3. If I could only eat one meal in a city in Cambridge I would eat at Pinnochios, in Boston I would eat at Mantra (though I hear the chef has left there and it's no longer as great. Still I had a great graduation dinner there with my family), in New York I would eat in the apartment of a girl I have a crush on, and in Los Angeles I would eat at Beverly Soon Tofu.
4. The best meal I've ever prepared while drunk was actually prepared after SC's first apartment party. After the party died down around 3am, DC and I staggered back to my apartment, fired up the grill and made some fantastic rack of lamb and roasted veetables seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary. Both recipies were found in my only cookbook, Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here For the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking." More on that in a moment.
5. Strach is far and away the food friend I would most enjoy having design my diet for a week.
6. I think Alton Brown is fantastic. I know there are those who dislike brown for (a) marring his show with "comedy" bits and (b) "reducing" the art of food appreciation and cooking to a science. However, I think Brown is the only person I've seen who consistantly explains exactly what different cooking techniques do. The abovementioned Brown cooking book is organized by cooking method (e.g., roasting, braising, boiling, etc...) You can cook a steak by boiling it. Brown explains why that won't taste that great. I think he makes great cooking accessible to those of us who aren't food geniuses.

As is customary for me, I will not spell check any of my prose.

Florida 3/16-3/19

3/16 LGA Food Court
-slice of cheese pizza, side of chicken, orange juice from Famous Famiglia Pizzeria
-advil and life savers
-jetblue cookie

The food from Famiglia had such an effect on me that I almost missed my flight as I had no choice but to run to the bathroom when they were almost done boarding the plane. Is anyone happy about the addition of grape into the life-savers package? I hadn't had life-savers in a while and I was pretty pissed.

3/17 West Palm Beach
Lunch 3:15pm
-dinner roll, apple (with some paint on the skin), chicken, peppermint patty
Dinner 5:15pm (as soon as we had finished lunch my grandparents made reservations for dinner one hour later so we could get an early bird special)
-2 glasses pinot grigio
-chicken parmigiana

Brewzzi at CityPlace
-2 bud lights

-a piece of pita bread, orange juice
-some peppermint patties and chocolate tastations
Nanny's Birthday Dinner 6:45pm Cafe L'Europe
-dinner rolls
-2 glasses pinot noir
-chicken and carrots
-vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

-turkey (I discovered that the gross turkey from my cafeteria at work was in fact honey turkey, but normally honey turkey isn't so bad)
-orange juice
-peppermint patties and tastations
-Jetblue cookie
Dinner at Home
-turkey and roll I took from Florida
-chips and salsa
-nesquik chocolate milk
-a sip of WLG's 3 Musketeers lowfat chocolate milk drink

For your viewing pleasure, Totonno's as seen from a camera phone!

This oven is practically brand new despite what any signs would lead to you believe.

Sunday for SCH

Breakfast / lunch:
Slice of Honey Farms ham, cooked in a skillet.
Home Browns hash browns
Orange juice

Afternoon cocktails:
3 sample drinks of Mango Magnificence, a cocktail of my own invention. Will post ingredients after its premiere tonight.
1 large glass Jameson and club soda

Some Fritos
1 packet, Maruchan ramen, chicken flavor

2 slices Village Pizza pepperoni, with DAK.
1 Tecate

Questions for Our Guest Reporter of the Week

In the comments section of this post, please ask your food-related questions of V. Danger. (hattip: Owen for devising this format)

Exciting Days!

Folks, after an invigorating discussion with the Cap., we devised a new policy that we hope will delight you. We are going to begin fielding the food reportage of guest correspondents. Please join us this week for a trip through the palate of LA personality v.DANGER. Bon appetit!

dubs, 3/19 style

large stack of blueberry pancakes with melted butter and maple syrup. a
several glasses of oj

edamame, formerly frozen.
some miso soup - it stayed hot for a long time, which i appreciated. b+
california roll - oddly, this did not come with rice in it. the crab and avocado were really fresh and tasty, but i'm still trying to figure out why that first part happened like it did. b+
shrimp tempura roll - with avocado. the shrimp was perfectly cooked and the rolls had rice. a
the thing where they fry tofu and stuff it with rice - had a sweetness to it that i enjoyed. a-
Cosmic Cantina
chips and guacamole - really, really good chips. made the difference. a

d-hines brownie w/haagen dazs vanilla. pretty sure this will never get anything below an a+.


tuna sandwich (with nayonaise) on wheat, foreman-ed
powdered hot chocolate drink

2 slices soda bread

curried lentils with spinach
chocolate ice cream
2 cinnamon grahams

pan popcorn

Junior, 3/18/06

Scrambled eggs
Home fries with peppers and onions

House of Chan Dara
Thai iced tea
Golden triangles (these were basically fried wontons)
Chinese broccoli stir fried
Thai BBQ beef
Spicy noodles with chicken (very spicy! very very spicy!)
Black sea bass with miso (this was unbelievably good; the highlight of the evening)

A Number of Questions

What snack option do ff's choose on JetBlue? I chose the cookie twice this weekend and was disappointed both times.

What, if any, snack combinations to ff's make in a bind or otherwise? My dad combines a York Peppermint Patty and a Trader Joe's meringue for his favorite dessert. I use to combine a York Peppermint Patty and a Snackwell's vanilla cookie.

This is from an episode of King of the Hill, but what would ff's choose for their last meal?

Weekend in Review, Part 3 (3.19.06)

Mushroom soup thai kitchen -- This stuff is pretty good

Fancy artisanal pizza at Franny's with fresh mozz and housemade sausage -- not bad, a huge rip off, but tasted somewhat similar to the real thing
1 Righteous Rye beer -- I can't remember the name of the brewery but it was a pretty good beer.
Bite of chocolate gelato
Bite of "Flour of the milk" gelato
I would say Franny's borders on self-parody as a yuppie Park Slope restaurant, but the food tasted reasonably good.